1. N

    Resistive Humidity Sensors

    Is there any resistive humidity sensor that I can power with a dc voltage and with analog output not digital? I prefer araw sensor not a module.
  2. S

    80x86 internal registers

    Can someone please tell me how many registers are displayed, and what the sizes are in bits and words of the registers in the screenshot I provided.
  3. A

    Localization of first and second poles in this circuit

    Is the second pole in the node marked in red? I am not sure
  4. G

    Need help on a logic circuit - logisim (or any simulator)

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. So I've got this assignment that asks me to use JK flip-flops in order to create a circuit that obeys the following truth-table: The thing is, I have no idea on how to get these results at all. From what I understand, first two lines imply that PRE and CLR are both...
  5. J

    Question about voltage input output

    So i have this simple circuit.While my voltage input is 5V why is my output 3.3V? Can someone explain this to me.Thanks in advance!
  6. Z

    Problem with transistor

    Hello, in the following image you can see a circuit with a npn transistor. I marked the given values with red and the unknown with blue. Below the circuit you can see my calculations and solutions. I'm stuck at finding I1. I would be very thankful for some guidance.
  7. H

    Finding the closed loop gain expression

    Hi! thanks in advance for the help. I'm trying to solve this exercice for school but a really can't seem to get it right. I get really confused when that VDD apperas and can't identify the feedback mesh Here is what i think it is: But then again i'm not sure if that vdd or that resistor...
  8. Andrea666

    Exercises with voltage and power

    Can you tell me if my result results are correct, and if there are errors where are they? I used the symbol rms to indicate the root-mean-square, Avo is open-circuit voltage gain, Ap is the power gain, Rl is the load resistance. i stands for input, s for source and o per output. > 1) A sensor...
  9. P

    Duty Cycle Calculation

    I am trying to solve a numerical where the Speed of a DC motor operating at 15V was measured to be 2000 rad/sec. Now a PWM signal is applied to the same motor to get a speed of 400 rad/sec. If the voltage amplitude of the PWM signal is 5V, then what should be the value of duty cycle? I know the...
  10. D

    Homework Help Power Electronics

    1) Enter your expression for the dc component of the output voltage V: 2) For the buck with input filter, enter your expression for the dc component of the L2 inductor current I2: 3)For the buck with input filter, enter your expression for the dc component of the capacitor C1 voltage VC1...
  11. T

    Circuit Analysis

    For Question 2.1, is the power 500W or 100W ? Do we need to apply the passive sign convention rule for power in whatever cases? Also, i’ve Learnt that we can check answers by balancing power in a circuit. But the power in this kind of circuits don’t balance out, but it is still valid. So when...
  12. A

    I really can't find a solution for this, need to find how many Ohms is the resistor

    Okay so I have a project due tomorrow and I can't get it right, I need to find how many Ohms is the resistor Rb, the link is a screenshot to the task UBX is Uin. https://prnt.sc/t92gbh
  13. S

    RC circuit/Laplace transform/homework problem

    Hello i have a question about a RC circuit. Can i represent with Laplace Transform the discharging of RC curcuit and how i get the transfer funtion to represent the free responce of the system
  14. AksharGandhi05

    LTSpice simulation of a two-port network.

    Here's the question : "For the two port network given, obtain the Z-parameters, ABCD (transmission) parameters and h (hybrid) parameters. What should be the value of load resistance connected at Port-2 for maximum power transfer when a voltage source of 25V is connected at Port-1." (Picture...
  15. Frequently.Modulated

    Does the Bombardier/DHC Q400 Auxiliary Power Unit Include a DC Generator? If it does, what kind of winding does it use?

    Good day! I am currently writing a short report on DC machines and I intended to use the generator onboard the Bombardier/DHC Dash 8 Q400's Auxiliary Power Unit as a focal topic. Upon searching through several documentation (both from Bombardier themselves and some airlines like AirBaltic) I...
  16. W

    Need guidance on this homework problem

    I have a problem in my ET212 class that I truly have no idea on where to start, I have the circuit design, but am clueless when it comes to the values that I need to use. I am not asking for answers, mainly just guidance on where I am supposed to start, or the steps i need to do to find my...
  17. Alcore

    Finding an unknown resistance

    Hello. This may be a simple problem, but I'm struggling to obtain the resistance R found in the figure below. First what's throwing my are the two voltage sources. I'm used to seeing these present in op-amps, but the way they intersect is throwing me. I'm not sure how to determine their...
  18. M

    How do you solve the following dependent circuit problem? I tried to use KVL to get i1, but I got .44, which is the wrong answer.

    Circuit problem: I have the answers to it, but I need to know the process of how to get there.