1. S

    RC circuit/Laplace transform/homework problem

    Hello i have a question about a RC circuit. Can i represent with Laplace Transform the discharging of RC curcuit and how i get the transfer funtion to represent the free responce of the system
  2. AksharGandhi05

    LTSpice simulation of a two-port network.

    Here's the question : "For the two port network given, obtain the Z-parameters, ABCD (transmission) parameters and h (hybrid) parameters. What should be the value of load resistance connected at Port-2 for maximum power transfer when a voltage source of 25V is connected at Port-1." (Picture...
  3. Frequently.Modulated

    Does the Bombardier/DHC Q400 Auxiliary Power Unit Include a DC Generator? If it does, what kind of winding does it use?

    Good day! I am currently writing a short report on DC machines and I intended to use the generator onboard the Bombardier/DHC Dash 8 Q400's Auxiliary Power Unit as a focal topic. Upon searching through several documentation (both from Bombardier themselves and some airlines like AirBaltic) I...
  4. W

    Need guidance on this homework problem

    I have a problem in my ET212 class that I truly have no idea on where to start, I have the circuit design, but am clueless when it comes to the values that I need to use. I am not asking for answers, mainly just guidance on where I am supposed to start, or the steps i need to do to find my...
  5. Alcore

    Finding an unknown resistance

    Hello. This may be a simple problem, but I'm struggling to obtain the resistance R found in the figure below. First what's throwing my are the two voltage sources. I'm used to seeing these present in op-amps, but the way they intersect is throwing me. I'm not sure how to determine their...
  6. M

    How do you solve the following dependent circuit problem? I tried to use KVL to get i1, but I got .44, which is the wrong answer.

    Circuit problem: I have the answers to it, but I need to know the process of how to get there.
  7. C

    Calculation of power factor in a RLC-circuit

    Hello, I got a homework exercise about the calculation of the power factor in a RL-circuit and in a RLC-circuit. The question consists of 3 sub questions, I have managed to calculate the first 2 however I am struggling with the third one. For the calculation of the third question, the other 2...
  8. M

    AC circuit: Find the current through the inductor

    Hello, Trying to solve this and using LT-spice for confirmation I can't verify my solution. Where could be wrong ? Here is my try: Thanks
  9. J

    2 Answers for circuit analysis question, both seem right.

    The question is asking what the resistance of the first resistor is (which has been labelled as 0 ohms on the diagram). I am told 20v drops across the first resistor and i am given the value of the other resistor. Now both of the methods I am sure I've done correctly but I'm getting different...
  10. AlexVR

    Logism Circuit Design Help. HEX Display

    I need to design a circuit to calculate the product of two 4-bit binary numbers, and then display the decimal result in three HEX displays.I already have the multiplication part, but the hex baffles me since : 1-The inputs are two 4-bit binary numbers. 2-The system can display each input...
  11. csstudent

    Finding voltage source on circuit

    Hello, I've been having difficulty dealting with circuit analysis. Here, for example, I'm given the task to find the voltage on Vs. But I fail short half-way through. Also, I don't understand how to deal with negative voltages and/or currents, and would appreciate help! My attempt at solving...