digital circuit

  1. userkalyegon

    2-digit up-down counter (0000 to 1010) in logisim

    Hello allaboutcircuits! The instructions for my task are above. There are no explicit restrictions, but I want to use flipflops for this one. We were taught no prior knowledge except basic gates and elementary logisim operation. I'm learning as I go and so far, an 11-state (0000-1010) up...
  2. E

    Anyone know where I can buy a 5 bit ADC?

    Hi, Looking for a 5 bit ADC but at the moment I can only find 6 bit ones online. Anyone know where I might be able to get ahold of a 5 bit ADC? Thanks!
  3. MissFluffy

    *Circuit Issues* DIGITAL ALARM CLOCK

    Hi everyone! I'm currently working on a digital alarm clock project and have used a website for reference: ( However, I've made some modifications, such as removing the transformer and some diodes. I've added...
  4. maxdha

    Is there a smarter way?

    Hi, I'm working on a project that involves displaying the following words on three 7-segment -displays. 1. A S U 2. F O E 3. C S E 4. F U N Each word should transition to the next after a one-second interval. I made it by creating a truth table for each display and implemented it using logic...
  5. L

    Help! Is there a way to implement this?

    Hi Guys, noob here. - I have board A and board B. Both have MCUs. - I have a reset signal going from board A to board B. The reset signal is normally HIGH (3.3V) - I have a digital input signal (logic 3.3V) going from board B to board A. - current implementation is two wires going to board A...
  6. Owari

    How to make a reset button on a digital clock (HELP)

    Hi there, My group is currently working on a digital clock project. The clock must have seconds, minutes, hours, days and months and a reset button. Currently, we already have most of them except the reset button. I just want to ask if there is a way to design a reset button for the above...
  7. Foxief

    How do you design a counter that show the result for 5 second

    I have this problem given by my teacher, but cant figure out the part where i need to show the result for 5 second Design a 3-digit counter, the counter will count for 20 seconds and display the counting results for 5 seconds then reset automatically and start counting from zero This is how i...
  8. JuanBGT

    Need help with 74ls193

    Hi, I'm working on a project in which I need to create an 8-bit adder with two cascaded 74LS193s, so that when it reaches 255 it starts subtracting, creating some kind of triangular waveform by steps. It works well in the first part of the waveform but in the remaining part it has a sudden jump...
  9. Topad

    Output logic source and sink

    Hi all, Im working to design a circuit that can sink after a load is apply, but when there's no load also be able to output logic levels 5v/0v. The max that a load could be is 12V and not not more than 100ma, therefore I decided to use octocapulers to make some output logic. In my attach image...
  10. S

    Hardware Interlock Circuit with AND & NOT Gates

    Here is my Hardware Interlock Circuit for Gate Signals which prevents both PWM Signals to be at same state at any given time. Here I want to reduce this two AND Gate IC's into a Single AND Gate IC. Or Is there any other way to implement the Hardware Interlock for Gate Signals ? Is there any...
  11. alright212

    I need some help with my assignment, because i am not an expert...

    Basically assignment was to create a counter using JK triggers and the 7 segment display should count down from 13(d) to 0. Problem i am facing with is that i made this scheme with parallel transmission, but i need to have sequential transmission. Can you help me with that? Also if i press reset...
  12. K

    Asynchronous counter that counts from 0 to 13

    Hello everyone. I'm having troubles with my homework. This is the description: The aim of the assignment is to design an asynchronous counter that counts from 0 to 13. Design assumptions: The counters should be asynchronous and implemented with flip-flops and logic circuit gates. • The...
  13. spacejedigundam

    Did someone know how to make this SAR ADC 5 to 4 digital error correction circuit

    DEC1 is similar to half adder , b<K> is number of the SAR output code ,DEC2 is like binary caculator keep carry , but how to do this circuit ?
  14. Swaysceptile

    ExpressSCH Netlist Error Regarding NetNames

    Hi, I am having a hard time figuring out how to fix this warning. It says that that symbol '0v' is connected to a net with two different NetNames. It refers to the other symbol located on the upper right which is 'Vpp'. It tells me that I need to change the name or remove the symbol at all. I...
  15. R

    Multi clock based benchmark circuit

    I am trying to understand and work with some multiple clock domain-based circuits. Is there any benchmark circuits available based on multi-clock-based sequential circuit?
  16. R

    Auto increment I2C addresses for PI4IOE5V96224ZLEX

    I am using PI4IOE5V96224ZLEX for one of the project. It's a stackable I2C design, each stack shall have common hardware and will be stacked one upon the other. The base unit shall have an MCU which shall act as I2C master, while all other stacks as I2C slaves. PI4IOE5V96224ZLEX datasheet...
  17. pralayp

    Microwave detection circuit verification

    Dear all, I want to develop a circuitry which is able to detect electromagnetic waves(radio-wave , micro-wave). This circuit will just act as a tamper detect and not physically measure/compute the radiation. I have designed the circuit using toroid ring and few Schottky diodes. The calculation...
  18. J

    Question about voltage input output

    So i have this simple circuit.While my voltage input is 5V why is my output 3.3V? Can someone explain this to me.Thanks in advance!