1. J

    folded cascode op ampdesign

    Hello, I'm trying to design a folded cascode op amp as shown below. I need a high full power bandwidth, about 90 to 100MHz, and a high gain (>60dB). I reach the required gain but it's hard for me to have a large full power BDW, it doesn't exceed the 500KHz. From the theory, the frequency at...
  2. J

    operational amplifier design

    Hello, I'm trying to design an one stage OP AMP made of a differential pair, a current load and a current mirror as shown in the picture ( the first stage only, I didn't include Q7 Q6 and Compensation capacitance) I designed the circuit to have a gain of 100V/V, a slew rate of 2V/µs, aGWB...
  3. Lavin.devil83

    Changing pwm Amper

    Hello I really need your help I need a circuit to change amp of Pwm Input : pwm 12V 5Amp Output: pwm 12V amp between 15-50 amp I have to say I don't know programming or program any type of IC I know I have to pay money for design a circuit like thus, but I live in Iran we can't and don't let...
  4. D

    PCB, Tips and pointers if you've got a minute

    Hello everyone, I have taken a circuit from breadboard to PCB and I am having some issues with a few components. The device is a power controller designed to monitor 2 batteries. 1 battery is a backup battery and the other is the main battery. The main battery is also a starting battery for an...
  5. marcor2196

    PCB for a home project with Arduino

    Hi all, i've realize a home project based on Arduino (in order to integrate my domestic heater on my Home Assistant system) with a NodeMcu V3 board where i wrote my custom program that use a DHT22 sensor and a TFT ILI9341 touchscreen display to control the behavior of a relay that switch on/off...
  6. JDuffy93

    Automatic adjustment of resistance

    Hi I have a design requirement and are having an issue of designing a method to achieve it I have resistive elements that change with temperature and generally start with slightly different resistances in any case, what i need to achieve is a way to balance the resistances or a method to...
  7. D

    LED Controller PCB Design Feedback/Suggestions Request

    Hi there, Main Question I'm hoping to get some feedback on this PCB design and the overall design, because this my first real electronics project. Also, I have several questions about feedback I received on ESE. Background I'm aiming to make an instrument for my brother, and since I've been...
  8. Genosphere

    Guidance for Electrical Power Project - 4160V motor needs starting (simulating utility company?)

    Hello all, this is my first post here so be gentle. Currently enrolled in an Electrical Engineering program and finally finishing up next year. I have 7 years of avionic and airframe experience in the aerospace industry and more hours around automotive junk. I have worked plenty with coding, CAD...
  9. Sajid_Naseeb

    How do I simulate these two different Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN) models in LTspice?

    So, I found these models for Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN) in two different books. I want to simulate these two models in LTspice, but I don't know which side to connect the EUT and which side to connect the spectrum analyzer and ofcourse, where to connect the source? and how do I...
  10. P

    Finding the Size of Inductor and Capacitor

    Hi, i have calculated the L and C value for filter circuit for Three phase inverter, now i would like to know the size and weight of the filter circuit for the L and C value i have calculated. Can anyone help me on how to do this ? Thank you. Raj
  11. S

    8th order sallen-key butterworth lowpass filter

    Hi guys, I'm running into some problems designing a 10MHz 8th order sallen-key butterworth lowpass filter. My requirements are: cornerfrequency f_c = 10 MHz max passband gain of 0.5dB filterorder of 8 available components: resistors, capacitors, op-amps What I have tried so far: I found...