About the Operational Design of Benchtop Digital Power Meter

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Hello everyone, I would like to ask if anyone has used a desktop digital power meter? For example, the well-known Hioki and Yokogawa digital power meters. I am doing a design research, can you help me understand a few questions, thank you very much:

1. What is the most frequently used function of the desktop digital power meter?
2. For the digital power meter you use, what do you think is inconvenient to use and complicated?
3. Which functions do you want to be more convenient to operate?

I have studied several digital power meters on the market, and I feel that the operation is still relatively complicated, and some functions need to be learned even after consulting the help manual.

I want to try to transform the digital power meter into a more beautiful and convenient design like mobile applications. I hope that friends who have used it can help me answer it.