circuit analysis

  1. salhi

    Circuit to create Impulsion using JFET

    Consider the following circuit : Working in power electronics, we considered the JFET as a voltage controlled resistance, our professor said this is the equivalent circuit : Initially the transistor is blocked, thus the capacitor is charging, when v_c = v_E > v_A the JFET is conducting thus...
  2. T

    Uncertainty in measuring frequency vs amplitude of signal ?

    Hi Guys, I am quite confused why he compares the incertitude of momentum and position of particle in quantum mechanics to frequency and amplitude in signal and system: for my understanding when I sample a signal over many cycles, i do obtain the amplitude and frequency of the signal. so, why he...
  3. Ayuu90

    Room Noise Detector

    Helloo does anyone know how to explain this circuit in detail, like what each part is meant for or is there any theoretical equations needed?
  4. Ayuu90

    Room Noise Detector Circuit

    Helloo we have trouble replicating this circuit, from what I read before its missing a diode for C4 to discharge its signal, although I'm not sure what kind and where to place it
  5. salhi

    AC Circuit Analysis : Solution Verification

    Let the following circuit : so we have I_1 + I_2 + I_3 + \frac{V_x}{0.5 \Omega} = 0 \iff \frac{V_x}{-j \Omega} + \frac{V_x}{(1+j) \Omega} + \frac{V_1}{1 \Omega} + 2V_x = 0 \\ and we have : -V_1 + 12(0°) + V_x = 0 \iff V_x =V_1 - 12(0°) \\ Finally V_1 \approx 8.653(3.1798°)
  6. salhi

    Circuit Analysis on AC Circuit

    Let the following circuit, i want to find the voltage in the inductance: We have V_1 = 10(30°) \iff I_x = \frac{V_1}{4 \Omega} = 2.5 (30°) A \\ We also have by KCL \frac{V_1 - V_2}{-2j \Omega} = \frac{V_2}{1j \Omega} + 2I_x \iff \frac{V_1}{-2j \Omega} - 2I_x = \frac{V_2}{1j \Omega} +...
  7. B

    Need help with my project, a combination lock in proteus

    So im trying to make a combinational lock in proteus. One of the issue i've come across is one of my button which is labelled "reset" output high even if its not press but when I connect a logic probe to the line, the cable becomes normal. The second issue is there is a sequence detector that...
  8. salhi

    Determining current I_o in this AC circuit

    Hello everyone! Im trying to determine the best way to analyse this circuitry to extract the value of I_o So what i think from my basic point of view is using KCL/KVL in each mesh which will be tedious but will do the job just fine i guess?, but im looking for a better optimal less-time...
  9. tobias111888

    Resistive network with two voltage sources

    ### *Update: (I updated the description/Question for clarity)* I am currently stuck trying to solve a seemingly simple resistive network. The voltages U1 and U2, aswell as Rr are known. The unknown components are the resistances R1, R2, R3. The dotted resistances "Rr" can be added or removed as...
  10. Koelite

    Two NMOS in series (steady state)

    Hello, I am stuck on an exercise for a while with the circuit as shown below: We have: \[ V_{DD}=3.3 V \\ V_{tn0}=0.65 V \\ \gamma=0.5 V^{1/2} \\ 2\phi _{f}=0.6 V \\ V_{1}=2.85 V \] The question is: What is the best approximation for V2 in steady state? (a) 0 V (b) 0.65 V (c) 2.2 V (d) 2.65 V...
  11. scorpio20

    Can some please create a circuit diagram for this board.

    This is an 8 function led strip light adapter and i want yhe circuit diagram of it can some one please help me out.
  12. ali.malik

    Identify this IC od suggest me a similar one with the same pinouts.

    can you please identify this IC because there is nothing written on it or you can suggest me a substitute with the same pinouts. This circuit board is used in 8 program flashing led lights adapters.
  13. MMM**MMM

    Powering ESP with a Low-Level trigger

    I am in the process of creating a reed switch module for door opening detection, and I am encountering a challenge. The reed switch available to me is a normally open switch, meaning that when the door is closed, the switch will be closed due to the presence of a magnet. As a result, the ESP...
  14. MMM**MMM

    ESP Auto Power Off Circuit

    I have recently simulated the circuit demonstrated in the provided video using Multisim. While the circuit appeared to function correctly in the video, the simulation results indicate that it is not working as intended. The output remains high irrespective of the switch state. The left switch is...
  15. alexbez


    Hey guys, I am trying to diagnose what the issue is with my Kurzweil CUP2 digital Piano The piano displays no sign of life besides a red on led. LCD screen does not display anything Buttons do not seem to do anything(there is a little red light above each button that indicates the "mode" it is...
  16. alexbez

    Relay bypass help needed!

    Hey guys, I am relatively new to micro electronics, and am in desperate need of help! I want to bypass the muting circuit in a electronic piano. This involves either activating the relay, or pulling it to ground (BA3-5 Relay, and the highlighted LS1 in the picture below). Please could someone...
  17. T

    Mixed signal circuit design, Baker: level shift by VREFM and 1/2LSB:page 123?

    Hello guys, on chapter 4 Digital Filters on the ideal ADC netlist equation. I do have some questions: 1-we also want to level-shift the input signal so that is referenced to 0 V? is that already done? 2-why shift left by 1/2LSB to the left? I tried to understand this part but I failed maybe due...
  18. J

    Solution for a resistive circuit

    Hello. I am studying electronics and I came across a question that I am not able to resolve. The question asks for the value of resistance R so that the 5 Ω resistor (R5) in the circuit is subjected to a potential difference of 5 V. The circuit mentioned is in the following figure. I really...
  19. S

    How can ı see parallel RC circuit effect on feedback line

    I want to observe the effect of the parallel RC circuit on the feedback line in the circuit shown in the image below, I even expect this added structure to provide a decrease in the rise time, but I could not create it in the LTspice simulation, how should I proceed? Since I don't know the...
  20. J

    Zero in RC block

    Hello! I'm trying to analize this block, where a resistor and a capacitor share their terminals: Obviously \[ v_R = v_C = v \] A specific condition may be found (in the Laplace domain) where the net current i = 0. This occurs when the current on the resistor is equal and with opposite sign...