circuit analysis

  1. T

    Which University affored affordable single course for non-student ?

    I was looking for affordable course in electrical engineering that as overall and particularly in Analog, digital circuit and HF. I did find a very good one from Standford University but it is too expensive. has anyone get into single course from his choice in University where the prices are not...
  2. mungs

    The relation between Vin and Vout (diodes circuit)

    Hi, can anyone here tell me if the function I found that relates the Vin to Vout is right? So I made a mesh analysis to find the current in the first mesh (left to right) and in the second and finally got that the Vout = (2/11)*Vi +6.328 (is it right?) threshold voltage = 0.7V
  3. skyline977

    Why the voltage is positive while the current is decreasing

    Hi all, The question is: The solution is: The formula used is: Why did he change the formula by putting an additional negative sign in front of the formula? Why does the voltage increase as the current decrease? The question and answer are from: FE Exam Review: Electrical and Computer...
  4. cikalekli

    Problem about Summing Amplifier on LTSPICE

    Hi, I'm studying about summing amplifiers and try to make a proper circuit via on ltspice You can find my .asc file and the screenshot of my graph. My problem is I'm having trouble with trying getting a proper sin wave from Vout... I'm getting proper sin waves for inputs of V1 and V2 but Vout...
  5. L

    Samsung Washing machine won't power ondc41-00189a

    Hi there, I have samsung eco bubble washing machine. I was using multimeter probes to test voltage and the probe slipped and it seems something was shorted. Now the machine won't power on. PCB dc41-00189a I'm a Newbie Please help me to troubleshoot this pcb.
  6. cikalekli

    I want to study about "Capacitance" on the graph calculations. Please suggest me source for it

    I wanna study about calculating the capacitance value using the graph Where can I study about it and here is the example graph for this
  7. cikalekli

    I'm stuck about "node analysis" please

    I have solved my question like that successfully with mesh analysis which the question wanted from me. But I am just curious that how can I calculate this circuit using nodal analysis? Here is my calculation: and here is the question of the circuit: I don't want the whole solution. I...
  8. cikalekli

    I'm stuck at couple points in the problem

    I realy tried this question but still I am out of the answer. Please and please can you solve it?
  9. P

    Mesh current equations yielding 2 different values for i2 current.

    My mesh current equations: - 300*i1 + 500(i1 - i2) + 600*i1 = 0 - 200*i2 -25 + 13 + 500(i2 - i1) = 0 Since i1 is 25mA i2 can be found easily. However, equation 1 will yield 70mA while equation 2 will give 35mA for i2. What am I missing here? I would be very grateful if someone can point out...
  10. TheNutt

    Can I add 120V lines to the schematic as shown without frying anything?

    This is an electrical question, but I want to explain the application first: I have an LED fireplace that I'm putting in to replace a wall heater. I wired it to run through the wall thermostat, but when the thermostat turns the fireplace on it just turns on the lights, then you have to manually...
  11. Veek

    Multiple-input controlled sources and Tuinenga SPICE book pg27 (briefly how is he getting k8.v2.v3 in the images) He's trying to use POLY(dimension) to model a source using a polynomial to represent it. Form of Poly is k0 + k1x + k2x^2 and so forth so.. how the heck has...
  12. N0t_S0_Sm4rt

    Circuit analysis

    Hello, please, would some good person help me with analysis of this circuit (my guess it's a FM radio). My task is to revive it, however I don't quite know how. What I'd do: 1. Connect the circuit to 9 V voltage source 2. Divide the circuit to 2 parts - AC and DC 3. Search for voltage...
  13. S

    Parallel RLC Circuits in complex notation

    Hello all, Doing my HNC in electrical and electronic engineering and just over half way through now, come across this in my latest module and for some reason I can not get my head around it, I'll post the question and my attempts below, any help would be greatly appreciated just to see if I am...
  14. T

    Circuit Analysis

    For Question 2.1, is the power 500W or 100W ? Do we need to apply the passive sign convention rule for power in whatever cases? Also, i’ve Learnt that we can check answers by balancing power in a circuit. But the power in this kind of circuits don’t balance out, but it is still valid. So when...
  15. James_1

    Role of the two diodes in this circuit ?

    So this is the circuit that I have . I managed to define what his function is. The last question that I had to answer is what role does the 2 diodes Dz and Dh have in our circuit ? I'm not quite sure whether they do have a specific function in this circuit or should I just give a general...
  16. H

    Concept of Bootstrapping in Electronics

    Dear Team, I was trying to study about bootstrapping in electronic circuits. When I checked in Internet Wiki says it is a method to improve the input impedance of an amplifier. In the power electronics context, it has another...
  17. E

    How does the NCP81080 gate driver work?

    How does the NCP81080 dual gate driver work? Now I’ve a circuit need used this components but I couldn’t understand it’s operation principal, Here is datasheet It’s means I need two signal HI and LI input So if I generate square...
  18. Dabu WhiteHacker

    arc lighter circuit working

    Hi, few days ago I got a broken arc lighter used to ignite gas stove. I thought of taking it a apart and look inside the circuit but as per to my knowledge it is confusing me a lot, I hope you guys will be able to remove my confusion so here is the detail. Data It uses 1.5V AA cell to work. This...
  19. V

    AC voltage sensor using Rectifier

    Hello I'm trying to implement a rectifier and AC voltage sensor. The rectifier part works just fine. I'm able to power my device without any issues. Please look at C2 in the screenshot (Circuit schematic). This connector is connected to AC voltages. Vin is a rectifier and the DC part is to...
  20. H

    Why this Simple Watt Meter for 220 Volt Circuit works?

    Hello! I'm just a begginer student. I found this circuit of a wattmeter that works only with resistors. Can someone explain to me how the 33k resistor give a voltage of 1 mV to 1 Watt? I did not understand why these resistor values has been chosen and why the it measures only in the 33k...