circuit analysis

  1. Lambo Av

    Circuit Breaker Location

    Hi, in IEEE 3 bus, why are circuit breakers connected at the 'load' rather than connected at the 'generator and load'?
  2. kwoki

    Derivation of RLC parameters from a complex RLC circuit

    Hey guys, I am having trouble with a problem. I would like to derive a formula for some parameters (resonance frequency, Quality factor, Wcl and Wch) Normally, you will use a general second-order function for a second-order RLC circuit (which is easy to derive). However, my circuit is much more...
  3. N

    Nodal Analysis Question Incorrect

    Much like my last thread, I have another homework problem in which I must solve for a current value using nodal analysis. I've attempted the problem using some techniques to visualize the circuit from the last forum post and felt confident in my answer, however it is again incorrect and I'm not...
  4. System/360

    What is Pull up/down?

    What does pull up mean? In circuit examples, for example for a ESP8266 chip, pull up is connecting to Vcc through a 10kΩ resistor. Why 10k? How is this value derived? I have seen two separate cases of pull down. One connects to a 10kΩ to ground while another connects directly to ground. Hope...
  5. T

    how to determine the small signal parameters(gm, ro) of nMOSFET from Datasheet?

    as I want to calculate the transfer function of circuit that is meant to generate source current using an Op amp as control loop, I need the gm and r0 of the mosfet(to determine the transfer function of the Op amp current source with nMOSFET) here is the picture of MOSFET with showed parameters...
  6. A

    Find V th

    How to find Vab ?
  7. Alcore

    Finding an unknown resistance

    Hello. This may be a simple problem, but I'm struggling to obtain the resistance R found in the figure below. First what's throwing my are the two voltage sources. I'm used to seeing these present in op-amps, but the way they intersect is throwing me. I'm not sure how to determine their...
  8. EoGwangSeon

    Can somebody explain about IR2101 working principle?

    <picture 1> Hello I'm from South Korea. I need help about this circuit. Picture 1 is typical connection about IR2101 this is my circuit that i designed. I want to know how it works. I want to know about working principle. 1. HIN = High, LIN = High -> Output "U" = ? 1. HIN = High, LIN =...
  9. Ganesan Magizh

    Electrical Over Stress - Looking your assistance to resolve the EOS issue in Automotive ECU.

    Dear Friends, I am working in an Electronics Manufacturer service (EMS) and we do PCB assemblies for Automotive products (ABS). We are getting many field failures due to components burnt issue. Mostly like diodes, ASIC, MCU and FET components are getting damaged/burning in the field. Whenever...
  10. Draskown

    Can't find a Multisim component

    I'm working on a project in NI Multisim i simply cannot find two Balance ICs: HY2210 and HY2213 or their replacements or some circuit or SPICE models. I've searched ewerywhere I could think of and no sings of such. Please, help me.
  11. M

    How do you solve the following dependent circuit problem? I tried to use KVL to get i1, but I got .44, which is the wrong answer.

    Circuit problem: I have the answers to it, but I need to know the process of how to get there.
  12. T

    diode in series and parallel working principle?

    Hello, I would never thought I could not understand a circuit made out of diode but here I am. 1-the first circuit is two diode in series, when i measured the voltage between the them I found it half the voltage of the source which is not logic for me!!! as there is no current flowing through...
  13. M

    AC circuit: Find the Io using KVL and superposition theorem

    Hi! I have this exercice and I'm stuck. The answer is 6.12∠144.78° (A) but I got 7.061∠-48.017° (A) can someone detect the error ? => 7.061∠-48.017° (A) [ ? ] Thanks
  14. M

    AC circuit: 2 Dependent sources (Confirmation with software)

    Hello, I was found the node's voltages of the circuit and I want a confirmation. Can someone verify using a software ? This is my try: The circuit: Thanks.
  15. M

    AC circuit: Find the current through the inductor

    Hello, Trying to solve this and using LT-spice for confirmation I can't verify my solution. Where could be wrong ? Here is my try: Thanks
  16. J

    2 Answers for circuit analysis question, both seem right.

    The question is asking what the resistance of the first resistor is (which has been labelled as 0 ohms on the diagram). I am told 20v drops across the first resistor and i am given the value of the other resistor. Now both of the methods I am sure I've done correctly but I'm getting different...
  17. M

    Find the Voltage of the depended source [Which one is correct?]

    I'm confused a little bit here. The answer that I found is different from the "official", which is V2=9.218∠-39.8° , V3=8.799∠164.97° and the Voltage of depended source is V3-V2=17.598∠152.29° volts. Ηere is my attempt: V3-V2=3.88∠68.618° volts and the "official" is V3-V2=17.598∠152.29°...