Guidance for Electrical Power Project - 4160V motor needs starting (simulating utility company?)

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Hello all, this is my first post here so be gentle. Currently enrolled in an Electrical Engineering program and finally finishing up next year. I have 7 years of avionic and airframe experience in the aerospace industry and more hours around automotive junk. I have worked plenty with coding, CAD design, and PCB board design. I'm not a idiot, but some times I need to warm my brain up like an old vacuum tube. haha

I'm looking for some direction on how to go about the following project. This is how it was presented and I am suppose to find two motors from somewhere to use as references, which I am suppose to determine which of the two is best suited at the end of report(and why). I am not sure how to go about this, I am not looking for an exact answer per say, but rather some direction on how this should be presented with formulas and data. I have done a Design Report in another class, but not sure if that will fit this professor's "criteria."

I was not given any sort of references, examples, or rubric so I am at a bit of a loss on how its should look, be organized, and how the math would be expressed. So any help to get me started and guide me along the process would be great.

This class has been all over the place and an absolute nightmare in terms of organization and consistency, which is a shame since I was looking forward to electrical power, so this info from the email below is all I have to go off of.

Ill be looking at motor online today, but not sure where to start so Ill report back If I find anything that seems to fit.

~~~~The Project Info~~~~~

You are the utility with an end customer who has a 4160V motor that they need to start. You must list advantages and disadvantages of each type of motor starting. Determine the best solution and give detailed design for the motor starting. The customer will be at the end of the line 12.47kV with 1000 Amperes of fault current available.

The customer has an 800 hp motor, LRC = 6 Times FLA, FLA = 1kVA=1HP. Must calculate FLA of the motor and give recommendations on how the motor should be started with detailed design. You must calculate the transformer rating as well.

Include the following: System problem, Motor starting types with advantages and disadvantages of each, Conclusion for each and detailed recommendations with design.