1. A

    Why does my stepper motor stop rising when I make diagonal movements?

    Hello, I am new to stepper motors and am having a problem. I have a machine that operates in all three directions (X, Y and Z) and has motors. When I do linear movements (one after another) everything goes well I reach a fairly high speed and I am able to lift my load. However, when I want to...
  2. Genosphere

    Guidance for Electrical Power Project - 4160V motor needs starting (simulating utility company?)

    Hello all, this is my first post here so be gentle. Currently enrolled in an Electrical Engineering program and finally finishing up next year. I have 7 years of avionic and airframe experience in the aerospace industry and more hours around automotive junk. I have worked plenty with coding, CAD...
  3. Kadav

    Is it possible to control the Output of a motor using PWM ?

    Hello i am trying to create a PID system with arduino and motor and im trying to varry the motor speed as the PV reaches the setpoint.... So the power comes from the arduino (replaced the arduino by a POT for demonstration purposes )and goes to the gate of a MOSFET , but i thaught the MOSFET...