1. blink13

    Seeking Advice for Three Stage Amplifier Project: Improvements and Real-Life Feasibility

    Hello, I am a student tasked to build a working amplifier, I do not know much of what I am doing. I've got a three-stage configuration that consists of a single ended differential input stage, a common-emitter VAS stage, and a Sziklai pair output stage. It's supposed to be a 15W amplifier to a...
  2. Nikson420

    Wholesale, Good price??? or scam?

    Just found this on ali they said its wholesale action and they are in hurry to sell them all. Its that normal price or its really cheap? Please check - https://.aliexpress.com/e/_DBQRbZt I need around 100pcs. Any suggestions is welcome. Thanks!
  3. BerserkSin

    Help Needed- Digital Clock using ICs cd4060 and cd4026

    I found a blog that shows how to build a digital clock using ICs cd4060 and cd4026. https://danyk.cz/hodiny_en.html This is the site. I have checked if my ICs are working and they are. The only output I'm getting is the every 7 segment display shows 0 and the the two decimal points blink every...
  4. DCJW

    BJT Multistage Amplifier (Cascaded)

    I had been trying to create a BJT Multistage Amplifier circuit which had a total voltage gain of -40. The problem is whenever I tried to calculate the value starting from the total voltage gain it always goes wrong and totally different comparing the simulations and calculations. Anyone can help...
  5. Sheilarohr

    Complex circuit

    We are suppose to make a complex ckt with a 9v battry, a buzer and 2 lights. MY battery keeps heating up. Should i try a lower volate bulb?
  6. Swaysceptile

    How do I combine these two electronic circuits into one schematic (for project)?

    I started the basics of PCB and doing schematics around 6 weeks ago in my Computer Engineering Drafting and Design class. We used EasyEDA online tool to create the SCH and PCB for our assignments/activities. Our project now is to combine the circuits that we have made before into one system so...
  7. A

    Stumped on what to do on my digital clock project.

    Hey everyone, I recently enrolled in a computer science major, and one of the subjects has to do with circuits, memory, the cpu, logic gates etc. The problem is, I have absolutely 0 experience on such things, and now with covid and learning from home I haven't really grasped much of my...
  8. busevaran

    Trying to control a motor speed with a PID circuit.

    Hi everyone! I'm Buse. I'm trying to control a motor speed for a personal project. You can find the schematic of the circuit I found on a book. This circuit works with only the PID parts contrcuted. My problem start when I add the other parts. For example, U1 opamp (top left) is supposed to...
  9. Gallant74

    Circuit diagram, DIY keezer build

    Can someone help me build a circuit that is connected to a 115vac 60hz fridge compressor that runs ITC-1000f temp controller, i want to power a circuit properly with out killing the equipment I am willing to purchase any Amazon part! I have LM338t voltage regulators, I am inclined to install but...
  10. D

    Defining DFLOP output

    Hello, I would like to know how do I configure the DFLOP with + -15 V or whatever other voltage. I tried several things but it still has + -1V.
  11. T

    Lighting Project Advice

    Hello, Im planning to do a very simple project but getting quite confused about where to start as I've done parts of it before but not brought everything together in one piece. Any advice on where to start would be great and I can expand my knowledge. Project Aims Simply put a box containing...
  12. fried-motherboards

    Figuring out switching mechanisms for 2 power supplies wired to 3 US Power sockets

    I'm working on a project that requires saving as much space as possible (making an ammo box that holds & powers a soldering iron + battery charger from either an internal battery or wall power). I have two power supplies that will need to go to three mounted 120v AC U.S. power sockets. I need a...
  13. Genosphere

    Guidance for Electrical Power Project - 4160V motor needs starting (simulating utility company?)

    Hello all, this is my first post here so be gentle. Currently enrolled in an Electrical Engineering program and finally finishing up next year. I have 7 years of avionic and airframe experience in the aerospace industry and more hours around automotive junk. I have worked plenty with coding, CAD...
  14. D

    Electronic circuit for a dispenser

    Hi, I would like to request help from anyone who can help. I am currently doing a project which is creating a simple dispenser. This dispenser requires a programmable timer which when activated will cause a motor to rotate a piece of acrylic for about 0.75-1sec to release sand granules. The...
  15. Smapa

    DIY Hot Wire Foam Cutting Table (not working)

    Hi I am trying to build a hotwire foam cutting table and my wiring and parts are functioning but not the way they should as the nichrome wire is not heating enough and my dimmer stops at 60 (before it stars flickering) rather than 100, my knowledge for this sort of stuff is whatever comes before...
  16. R0UGHR1D3R

    Logic circuit projects issue

    Hello everyone, i have these two school projects and i tried my best to simulate them in Proteus, and so far no desired output :( Can you pls help me fix the issues they might have? First project is about making a two-digit binary adder and subtractor with seven segment display by using full...
  17. D

    continuity tester

    Hi all I need to develop a continuity tester, i need to check a connector simply continuity between two ends of the connector using an arduino, using an transistor too but unable to find a circuit for it. How to connect transistor with arduino to make a project
  18. T

    Help needed with the temperature sensor

    Hi, I'm a high school student who is doing a physics research project on the Mpemba Effect and various circumstances that may permit it to occur. My current concern is with the apparatus that I will have to use in the experimental part of the project. In view of that, I would like you to give...