Amplifier for laptop internal speakers

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Hello i am thinking of making a Bluetooth sound bar out of my old laptop lenovo laptop ( ideapad 510) internal speakers, from the internet i learnt that you need to change the digital signal to analog and then amplify the signal before connecting it to the speaker. I am a little worried about the amplification i am not sure which module to buy so that i don't fry my speakers with tons of juice.. please help me....
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hi kjrr,
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On eBay search for:
Bluetooth Power Amplifier Board PAM8403 Stereo AMP USB 18650 Battery Power VQ

They are BT 5W+5W BT audio modules.



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One caution. If watching videos and using BT to do the sound some implementations
will incur a significant delay, observable, between video and audio synch.

Regards, Dana.