1. K

    ZK-4KX: As battery charger.

    Hi guys! I'm planning to use ZK-4KX buck-boost converter as CC CV battery charger DIY for LiFePo4, Lithium Ion, lead acid batteries. Input will be 20V, 80W laptop charger. Does ZK-4KX have built-in internal protection on its output terminals to prevent damage from reverse currents in case of...
  2. R

    DIY Transformer winding short troubleshooting

    Hi there, I’ve been really enjoying the DIY projects section of this site. Today I set out to build an AC transformer using the tutorial. Sawed a few pieces of steel, drilled bolt holes, wound one layer of electrical tape to each bar, and wound several hundred turns of 28 AWG magnet wire to the...
  3. M

    Walmart piano keyboard

    I had purchased a cheap Walmart piano to play around with my music creation and have some options other than bass/guitar. I have been learning oscillator circuits and made my own effect pedal, so when the main chip started acting like it got burned out, I wanted to use the key circuit board...
  4. Stas06

    Effect of 10x Capacitor on Amplifier circuit

    Hi all, I bought capacitors of 22kµ instead of 2.2kµ. I was wondering whetther this circuit could still work with the 22kµ and what the effect is on the circuit. I'm not a electrical engineer so my knowledge is rather limited in this field. My best guess would be that these are used for the...
  5. OkeiPro

    DIY H-Bridge motor control

    Hello! I am making a steering wheel and pedals for a racing simulator. The steering wheel requires a motor for feedback, and the motor requires a driver. I already ordered a Double BTS7960 driver module from china, but since I want to improve my electrical engineering skills, I decided to try to...
  6. R

    How to power an old LED lamp via USB

    Disclaimer: I'm not an engineer, just a DIY enthusiast. So I have an cheap old plastic SMD LED desk lamp but its battery and circuit board are missing. I want to turn it into a USB powered lamp for my new apartment but I'm not sure of the best way to power it. It has 31 LEDs and the label on the...
  7. TravisHC

    HELP *** Burnt resistor of camera.

    Well to start i am in no way an electrician or an engineer. Lol I'm just an old ironhead, im a ironworker and my hobby is electronics but I'm always working in the software side but as of lately I been dabling in the hardware side and got a soldering iron and everything needed with it I havnt...
  8. Smapa

    DIY Hot Wire Foam Cutting Table (not working)

    Hi I am trying to build a hotwire foam cutting table and my wiring and parts are functioning but not the way they should as the nichrome wire is not heating enough and my dimmer stops at 60 (before it stars flickering) rather than 100, my knowledge for this sort of stuff is whatever comes before...
  9. Errorbot1122

    How do you identify ICs and other components on a circuits board

    So i'm currently trying to take parts out of a Bluetooth speaker's circuit-board and find the Bluetooth module for a DIY project. I looked at the board and some ICs and tried looking them up to no avail. So How Do you read an IC or any other components on the board Or even find a schismatic...
  10. J

    Doubt on which type of film capacitor to use

    ']https%3A//i.ibb.co/wCPxShQ/IMG-20200826-174720.jpg[/img]'] Hi. I have a PCB which has a faulty Panasonic ECQ-UL polyester film capacitor that needs replacing. The capacitor is used as a capacitive power supply and the board goes haywire when this cap becomes faulty. The board is from a...
  11. S

    Need help with DC-UPS

    I need an DC-UPS that can handle at least 300W, but I couldn`t find anything. So I come up with this: Battery: 4s2p Li-ion (3.7V) PSU: 14.8V P-Channel MosFET: IRF4905 (maybe? idk) N-Channel MosFET: idk Will it work? What should I change? Do you have any UPS suggestion? Thanks!
  12. kjrr.2136

    Amplifier for laptop internal speakers

    Hello i am thinking of making a Bluetooth sound bar out of my old laptop lenovo laptop ( ideapad 510) internal speakers, from the internet i learnt that you need to change the digital signal to analog and then amplify the signal before connecting it to the speaker. I am a little worried about...
  13. intelsath

    Build your own mobile device for less than $150

    Hi, I have put together all the source code, and schematics of Cypher (). Cypher is an open source fully portable device aimed for security. The idea of this project was to develop a fully functional personal encryption device for everyday users. Use asymmetric encryption for securing your...
  14. djbunn93

    Power Distribution circuit help

    Hello AAC forum this is my first post here and I thought I'd ask for any advice on my current robotics quandry. The design so far: 40x 18650 3500 mAh cells in a 10S4P configuration to output 36V @ 14Ah From this pack I need to work out some configuration of a buck/boost current limited...
  15. D

    Need charger solution - Board

    Hi There, I am need of a circuit that will work as expected. Please check the attached image for information.