Power Distribution circuit help

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Hello AAC forum this is my first post here and I thought I'd ask for any advice on my current robotics quandry.

The design so far:
40x 18650 3500 mAh cells in a 10S4P configuration to output 36V @ 14Ah

From this pack I need to work out some configuration of a buck/boost current limited converter that will be able to handle :
(4x) 24vmax 5A current limited channels
(1x)-(3x) 12vmax 1A not limited channels

Only for short periods would all 5A channels be needed. Usually only 2 of the channels will be active at a time.

If there are any suggestions on either components to construct such a circuit or prebuilt options I have not yet come across I'd definitely be open to hearing them. Also if I'm leaving out any important information let me know in the comments.


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Ah is a designation for load-draw-over-time. 36V @ 14Ah means, provide 14A for one hour, or 1 Amp for 14 hours, at 36V. If your power-source can provide 14Ah, it will supply enough current for both 1A and 5A loads, for differing (respectively) periods of time. Since you're starting with 36V, I would say you would use a BUCK converter to manage the voltage drop efficiently and limit current.

Find a BUCK converter that can handle 5A out with atleast 36V in, and then you can design a circuit around it.