1. G

    Charging 18650s - Series or parallel? Reverse polarity protection?

    So, I have a few things which use 18650 cells. I also have a balance charger for hobby RC aircraft, an IMax B6AC to be precise. Instead of buying an 18650 charger I went for the cheaper option of using the balance charger that I already own. It comes with several outputs, one being two female...
  2. E

    Charge two 18650 using single tp4056

    I have two 18650 batteries to charge using TP4056. I have seen in at many posts like people are using individual tp4056 charging module for each 18650 battery and also observed like some are using single module to charge two 18650 battery. Is it fine to use single tp4056 charger circuit to...
  3. J

    I need a battery holder

    Hello I have a toy device that uses 2 AA batteries installed end to end with just a battery clip (see image below) at each end. The batteries aren't very securely held in place, often popping loose where the 2 batteries meet when the child drops the toy, requiring that the batteries be...
  4. M

    [Please Help] Polarity Protecting a Jimmy-Rigged "TronicalTune Plus"

    Hi all! First post here, please excuse the lengthy read and thanks in advance for any help you can offer. For background, I'm a hobby-level tech nerd, mostly with audio equipment though... tends to be a bit modular, haven't designed many circuits. Super handy with a soldering iron, quick...
  5. Dinesh6252

    Can i use a 13s bms for a 7s project? And how?

    I have a 13s bms laying around and I want to use it as a 7s bms, is there a way to do that?any suggestions would be greatly helpful.
  6. D

    Question about charging two 18650 batteries

    Hello! First time ever posting to a forum of any kind. I have a charger made for charging a single 3.7 volt Li-Ion battery or more than one cell could be charged but at a slower charge rate. My question is there anyway to charge the two cells ran in series as the picture I attached shows with...
  7. E

    Outdoor LED / Solar panel / Battery Charger Design

    I'm working on an outdoor LED lighting project. It just basically works as a motion detection light (turns on when movement is picked up through a PIR sensor). The amount of LEDs I want to use brings the power consumption to 7.2W (12V, 600mA), but the LEDs will only stay on for 20 seconds per...
  8. LightChaser

    Appropriate charging method and wire pinout? (lithium ion battery pack.)

    Hello there. I have a lithium ion pack that I would like to use in a project to power lights for my bicycle. But I don't fully understand the pinout of the wires. Could someone explain to me how to connect wires up so I can charge this battery.? Also what type of charger I should use to charge...
  9. Theo_KVA

    Solar charging multiple 18650 Li-on cells with TP4056?

    Hi everyone, I plan to build a high capacity 3.7V/5V solar charging powerbank (something like 10-15ah). I’m going to use modules of TP4056 breakout board each coupled with two 18650 cells in parrallel. But I was wondering what would it need to charge two or three of these TP4056 modules with a...
  10. djbunn93

    Power Distribution circuit help

    Hello AAC forum this is my first post here and I thought I'd ask for any advice on my current robotics quandry. The design so far: 40x 18650 3500 mAh cells in a 10S4P configuration to output 36V @ 14Ah From this pack I need to work out some configuration of a buck/boost current limited...