1. tootoo

    Why is my Hoverboard Motherboard Making This Sound When Powering After Discharge?

    YouTube video with the sound What is this sound, and why does it happen? After discharging the motherboard (turning it on without a power source), and then powering it with a battery, it makes that high pitched noise (before the buzzer beep). Is it the capacitors charging? It makes the same...
  2. Khisraw

    Audio detection with Raspberry Pi4

    Hi All, I am working on a project to detect sound from a mic and process that sound in Raspberry Pi4B. The Mic(Link below) has a digital putout. https://www.sunrom.com/p/sound-sensor-module-mic The Raspberry Pi4B doesn't have an ADC so, in theory, the Mic module should be ideal. The question...
  3. R

    Simple non inverting op-amp circuit to amplify mic sound don't work

    Hi all Considering this simple circuit When I connect it as shown the sound became amplified for 2 seconds then it stops. So I have to connect the jack to pin 3 instead of pin 1 .. how to fix this Thanks a lot.
  4. Pashgen

    How to find a mistake. Sound amplifier circuit board. Need help with troubleshooting

    Hi, I bought DIY amplifier board. And now I am trying to find what I did wrong. It can work for about 2 seconds and then sound dissappear. But power stays on, and LED is glowing I connected 24 volt toroid to start the board. In description it says that circuit is designed for 12 to 36 AC...
  5. T

    Soundboard and Servos (Jurassic Park Model)

    Hello! I recently built a scale model of the Jurassic Park Entrance gates but when I was getting ready to finally be done with it I had the thought I could add a servo or two in order to make the doors automatic. In researching this I decided, well, why don't I add a soundboard and some mini...
  6. kjrr.2136

    Amplifier for laptop internal speakers

    Hello i am thinking of making a Bluetooth sound bar out of my old laptop lenovo laptop ( ideapad 510) internal speakers, from the internet i learnt that you need to change the digital signal to analog and then amplify the signal before connecting it to the speaker. I am a little worried about...