Audio detection with Raspberry Pi4

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Hi All,
I am working on a project to detect sound from a mic and process that sound in Raspberry Pi4B. The Mic(Link below) has a digital putout.

The Raspberry Pi4B doesn't have an ADC so, in theory, the Mic module should be ideal. The question is, how can I access/ record the signal coming from the Mic into the Raspberry Pi?

I can detect the signal but I can't find any source to learn how I can process the signal.

Any feedback or new suggestion is highly appreciated.


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You need an ADC to convert the analog signal from the mic to something the pi can understand.

Just for detecting sound (a bump or a voice) without any recording quality - you can turn up the gain pot on the mic and connect the "output" to an I/O pin on the pi. Then look for some I/O switches of some type. You'll need to play with it a bit.


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What does detect sound mean?

For all I know, you might be talking about device that can detect one clap and turn a light and two claps to turn it off, or you might be talking about doing 24-bit digital sampling.

Give us the use scenario. What do you want your device to do.