1. A

    Modding wireless RF headphones to Bluetooth headphones

    Hi guys, I have been using a pair of Sennheiser headphones for quite some time now (HDR 118). They offer good sound and sit comfortably, however they do work based on RF signals (863 - 865 MHz) and have been catching a lot of interference as of late. Instead of just getting a new pair of...
  2. Just Bucket

    High quality audio recording with MCU

    Hi everyone. I am something like a musician, but I also like to experiment with electronics a lot. I own a BOSS looper pedal, but it kinda doesn't fit my needs as well as I firstly thought. Recent days I was thinking abou whether is possible to somehow utilize some sort of MCU or just some ARM...
  3. Z

    Motorcycle bluetooth speaker

    Hi there, I want to build a bluetooth stereo speaker set for my yamaha xvs 650a. So due to me never having built something like this before, I have some questions. Buyable speaker sets claim to have either 600W or 1000W amps, and I've found this 2x500W amp board on amazon and was wondering if...
  4. A

    Noob Question - Simple volume control for PC and PAM8610 amp

    Hello everyone! First of all, if you're beginning to read this, please understand that I am very new to electronics, I have little studies but I can at least not produce cold solder...most of the time. I also can't use the standard drawing softwares yet, as my knowledge is far from this (The...
  5. S

    lm386/why this circuit works well with my iphone audio jack but when i connect a mic it makes so much hiss and noise

    as you can see this is the circuit that I made based on lm386N-1 whenever I connect my iPhone (it's a 5s if it makes any difference ) the sounds works great and clean only when I put it to max it has some distortions but when I connect the electret microphone it makes a lot of noise and hissing...
  6. M

    Replacing potentiometers on vintage record player - PLEASE HELP.

    I'm trying to replace the poteniometers 1no Volume and 1no Tone on a 1970s Sonorama M390 vintage record player. Im struggling to find the right components, or even where to start with this. (few images included below) Volume: 1M Ohms B (as printed on the component), I'm unsure what Wattage...
  7. C

    Using audio LC filter circuits instead of RC.

    I'm designing a small mixer and stopped at the equalizer section when I recalled the number of small inductors (axial and SMD) in my parts kit. If you search 'filter circuits' or similar you'll ALWAYS get the standard RC topologies, and I'm thinking more of IC feedback types than the usual...
  8. Oroku saki

    Help needed with electronics side of design

    Hi there, I am currently working on a project that requires a waterproof subwoofer speaker (8 ohm) be hooked up to either a sine wave generator or a laptop/computer of some sort, this is because I want to be able to play frequencies and generate tones such as resonants and sweeps etc. So I’m...
  9. P

    TI TPA2008D2 audio amp woes

    Hello everyone, I'm in the middle of making an audio hat for my Pi and I'm looking to see if anyone has worked with these TPA2008D2 chips before. It seemed like a nice and simple class D amp to run on 5V that didn't need much power or many extra components. I also wanted something that I...
  10. E

    Audio Preamp Circuit for a Microcontroller

    I made a pre-amp audio circuit but it doesn't seem to work. I want to amplify an audio signal so that it has a DC offset of 1.8V. I tried to simulate a similar circuit in KiCad and the simulation seems to work ok. Below is the circuit I designed and assembled. On the scope, the voltage is as...
  11. A

    Using a microcontroller to control / play categorized audio

    Hello Everybody! I'm making a project which is essentially an audio player. In my project I have many audio files which are sorted in different categories. For an example, Assume that my categories are 1) Home Automation 2) Car Electronics and 3) Drones Now I have several audio files under...
  12. lookingforhelp

    so i have this car amplifier, that has a 4 channel audio port. (i think).

    So this port is broken and i cant find another one like it anywhere. maybe im looking for the wrong component since im not that good with components yet. Its a mchammer 1200w markII amp if that helps anything. is there any way i could fix it with just buying a single new port. i think it is...
  13. Ayoub9898

    Need help in class D amplifier

    Hello everyone I need help please I dont have 2n4401/2n4403 Also irf540/irf9540 What can I exchange for them? I have added a picture to the circuit