1. K

    Amplifier 50 Hz hum

    I'm trying to detect the source of the problem and hope you can help me to where should i look for it. So when I'm raising the volume on the amplifier the hum gets more quiet then if its 0 volume.(Without any input, just the speaker connected) It's not ground loop probably. Already checked.
  2. M

    Bluetooth module BM83, connect to DSP

    Hi! I have a circuit consisting of audio input from a microphone, which then gets amplified. This is then sent to a ADAU1467 dsp. Now I would like to add a bluetooth module BM83 to the circuit but I'm new to all of this and don't really know how to connect the module to my circuit. The thing...
  3. BigOak14

    Cassette recorder microphone modifications

    Hi there everybody I have a new portable cassette recorder, but it has a terrible internal microphone, I was wondering if there was any way to unsolder the microphone and attach the aux cable of a lavlier microphone for better audio quality?
  4. Stas06

    DIY Microphone - THAT1510 or THAT 1512

    Dear all, As a reference to the context why I'm asking this question: I'm looking for the THAT1512 but it's hard to find and often the 20€ delivery is quite expensive for a 5€ part. Moreover, the THAT1512 seems to be out of stock in a lot of places until June 2022. I'm looking for an...
  5. D

    Circuit to alert to loitering vehicles by detecting engine idling for more than 2 minutes

    Hi Guys, I'm new here, so apologize if this has already been covered. I would like to know when a vehicle that stops at the stop sign in front of my house just hangs out there for an extended period of time. I'm imagining a circuit with a ceramic mic, audio level detector that triggers a WiFi...
  6. Circuit_closed

    Halloween coffin

    I'd like to make a coffin for next halloween that rattles and has audio play when anyone walks past it. I've got ptc circuit for audio and I have an idea about using a cam and motor for the rattling door but is there a way I can get the audio circuit to work with the motor controls? I was...
  7. L

    Balanced Audio Preamp Circuit

    I tried to make a preamp circuit but I'm not getting any output at all. The simulation on LTSpice seems to work well. The Op Amp I'm using is LMV821 datasheet I'm using a balanced dynamic microphone Zener Diode is 5V1. I don't mind if its noisy as long as I get a some sort of amplification from...
  8. C

    Parallel Inverting Summing Amplifiers

    Hello Everyone, To add on to my newbness from yesterday, I have one other part of my design that I am not sure what's going on. I have some suspicions but thought you guys probably could spot it pretty quickly or at least probe at me to look at it differently. I have again attached a setup...
  9. C

    Microphone Filtering and Blocking

    Hello Everyone, I have a quick question about my audio section I am working on with a microphone. I have attached a screenshot of my setup. I am debugging the circuit in a couple of different areas and keep running across the same issue and I am not sure why....granted I am new at this stuff...
  10. S

    oscilloscoper analysis from my final project (about guitar pedal effects)

    im doing a final project about making a guitar pedal effect, and my lecturer ask me to compare it to commercial guitar pedal using an oscilloscope. i made 4 effect, reverb, echo, chorus, overdrive, all of this effect showing almost same result as the commercial effects, but the reverb one doesnt...
  11. E

    Trying to design an audio circuit with a carbon single button microphone so that I can output the audio into a PC

    So I recently purchased a 285W western electric transmitter as I'm trying to more or less make a microphone that can plug into a computer which uses a carbon button microphone from the early 20th century. I have little education in circuit design, though I know enough to know I probably made...
  12. M

    Designing communication device

    Hi. At first I want to appologize for my English, it isn't my native language, so sorry for any grammatical errors. So, here is problem that I'm struggling with for a while (2-3 months). My friend goes to shoot various events and actions, he ussualy has 5-6 cameras with 3-4 cameramem, but...
  13. Rahulk70

    Playback volume from old Sony voice micro cassette recorder is very low?

    Hello folks, I have an old Sony V.O.R M-529V microcassette recorder. Was found in a box packed away years ago and put in some fresh batteries and tried to play some old micro cassettes I had. But the play back volume from the recorder even at full volume from the speaker was almost in audible...
  14. Azusau

    Audio noise with MIC

    hi, I had try to use LM358 and TDA2822 to finish a audio circuit that shown as below. Now, here is a trouble that a lot of noise when I using MIC input audio signal, but it looks normal work when I using my cellphone input audio signal. there are two videos show the two condition. Audio signal...
  15. N

    Subwoofer led light bulb

    Hey first time posting here i have a pair of samsung ps-hs 7000 subwoofer from a mx-hs 7000. The stereo receiver fell off the speakers and cant be repaired. Ive been using the speakers/sub with a different stereo but The subs have a massive light bulb/led thing in the middle of them and i was...
  16. M

    Problem integrating a TL072 audio mixer circuit on stripboard

    Hey! So I've been trying to build a modular synth on/off for the last year or so, and one of the most simple projects I thought I should start with is a mixer circuit. I found a really simple circuit schematic and shortly after got it working on breadboard, with absolutely no problem at all...
  17. V

    Change frequency of PCB

    Hi, I have some speakers I love, they have a PCB RF reciever inside. I bought more speakers but they are a different frequency.. I'd like to change them so they all match but have no idea what I am doing. Can you help?
  18. A

    Modding wireless RF headphones to Bluetooth headphones

    Hi guys, I have been using a pair of Sennheiser headphones for quite some time now (HDR 118). They offer good sound and sit comfortably, however they do work based on RF signals (863 - 865 MHz) and have been catching a lot of interference as of late. Instead of just getting a new pair of...
  19. Just Bucket

    High quality audio recording with MCU

    Hi everyone. I am something like a musician, but I also like to experiment with electronics a lot. I own a BOSS looper pedal, but it kinda doesn't fit my needs as well as I firstly thought. Recent days I was thinking abou whether is possible to somehow utilize some sort of MCU or just some ARM...
  20. Z

    Motorcycle bluetooth speaker

    Hi there, I want to build a bluetooth stereo speaker set for my yamaha xvs 650a. So due to me never having built something like this before, I have some questions. Buyable speaker sets claim to have either 600W or 1000W amps, and I've found this 2x500W amp board on amazon and was wondering if...