1. A

    Using a microcontroller to control / play categorized audio

    Hello Everybody! I'm making a project which is essentially an audio player. In my project I have many audio files which are sorted in different categories. For an example, Assume that my categories are 1) Home Automation 2) Car Electronics and 3) Drones Now I have several audio files under...
  2. lookingforhelp

    so i have this car amplifier, that has a 4 channel audio port. (i think).

    So this port is broken and i cant find another one like it anywhere. maybe im looking for the wrong component since im not that good with components yet. Its a mchammer 1200w markII amp if that helps anything. is there any way i could fix it with just buying a single new port. i think it is...
  3. Ayoub9898

    Need help in class D amplifier

    Hello everyone I need help please I dont have 2n4401/2n4403 Also irf540/irf9540 What can I exchange for them? I have added a picture to the circuit