1. Amasif

    Can we change firmware of neckband.

    I am using a neckband. And it irritates me when it reached 20% battery life by saying low battery. How can I remove that indication by changing my firmware of the neckband.
  2. vicinator

    Bose QuietComfort 15 upgrade, battery noise

    Hi everyone I'm doing a little project at home and came across an issue. So I'm trying to convert my old Bose QuietComfort 15 to wireless headphones. The stock version uses a AAA alkaline battery and only has an AUX connector for the audio. I'm integrating a rechargeable battery and bluethooth...
  3. Khisraw

    Using Python API want to connect Raspberry Pi4 to a Bluetooth headphone

    Hi, We are using Raspberry Pi4 with Zero Pi Codec. We are getting audio from a stereo mic and want to transmit this audio to Bluetooth headphones. The program works fine until we want to connect it to Bluetooth. It connects for 5 seconds but it disconnects. We are using the code in Python and...
  4. djwilliams15

    Solar powered FireBeetle 2 ESP32

    I am creating a student response system for my classroom. I have create a Bluetooth mesh to keep the power low. The device will only be used a for a few minutes per lesson each day. I was wondering if it would be possible to charge the battery using solar power, as there would be such a small...
  5. chucrutcito

    [ESP32] Cannot run simple Bluetooth acceptor example

    I'm trying to run the Classic Bluetooth "acceptor" example: https://github.com/espressif/esp-idf/tree/master/examples/bluetooth/bluedroid/classic_bt/bt_spp_acceptor With the same sdkconfig configuration settings as the example I turn on the bluetooth in the phone. I select the ESP32 device...
  6. Chrisio

    Help Bluetooth module with raspberry pi

    Hi, I have stacked.. Im trying to connect my Bluetooth module ZS-040 (HC-06) to raspberry pi 3 model b+ for receiving data from mobile phone. I have tried everything but can’t connect. I need python code. I m using serial Bluetooth terminal app on my android phone. I have this code. My code runs...
  7. N

    Common SMD inductor values to try out in repairing

    Hello, I have the broken bluetooth module that you can see in the picture below. Noted in RED 1 and 2, are the two places where an SMD inductor should be. I salvaged one SMD inductor going there, which you can see in the picture below: However, I destroyed it while trying to connect leads...
  8. S

    Bluetooth module to act as HID device for mobile phones

    I'm developing a small device to send keyboard keys (char/letters) to iPhone and Android devices I am receiving ASCII data on a serial port of uC, I want to send it to iPhone/Android through a Bluetooth module. I'm looking for some very cheap solution from aliexpress.
  9. M

    Bluetooth module BM83, connect to DSP

    Hi! I have a circuit consisting of audio input from a microphone, which then gets amplified. This is then sent to a ADAU1467 dsp. Now I would like to add a bluetooth module BM83 to the circuit but I'm new to all of this and don't really know how to connect the module to my circuit. The thing...
  10. THRobinson

    VHM-314 Bluetooth + Battery Upgrade on Old Guitar

    Hey guys... I have some "basic" skill in electronics, but I do like to tinker. I have a mid-'80s TERMINATOR by Synsonics guitar. For those who never heard of it, it was a 3/4 size guitar with a built in amp and 3.5" speaker. All-in-One guitar and amp for kids to learn on. I got one that needs...
  11. pcmann2004

    BLE rate counter

    I am trying to figure out the best way to connect multiple BLE chips to a phone/tablet. the BLE chip would send a open/close rate, EG how many times a switch opens/closes in a given time. Does anyone have a way of doing this? would the heavy lifting be done on the BLE chip side of things or on...
  12. akku_p

    MCU with onboard Bluetooth

    Hello all, Caution, I am a newbie to MCUs. I am looking for a low cost MCU board with Bluetooth for communication with mobile app. I have purchased NodeMCU which comes with onboard WiFi. However, I would like to talk to MCU via Bluetooth directly. If I use NodeMCU or ArduinoNano, I would have...
  13. Answerz

    PsOC 4 BLE (pins problems)

    I am running a project using a thermistor. I started by using the evaluation board as shown: The program runs fine. After that, I removed the module from the evaluation board and powered the module using an external power source (3V). I moved the resistor and thermistor from the evaluation...
  14. Jokr_Kedo

    Need to connect MIC of earphone to bluetooth.

    Is there any way to connect 3.5mm TRRS to F-6188 v4.0.
  15. 8

    PCB Layout - Bluetooth Antenna

    Hello, I made a breakout board for the STM32WB55 and want to use the bluetooth capability of it. Since I never did any layout with RF specs, I wanted to ask some experienced people wether or not the board I designed would 1.) boot up, and 2.) would be able to use the bluetooth feature. The top...
  16. H

    Designing a simple BLE peripheral

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the RF circuits design. I'm a mobile app developer with some basic electronic skills and I need to design a simple BLE peripheral controlled by mobile devices (Android and iOS). The main feature of the peripheral must be to trigger an electronic switch when tapping on...
  17. Dihego


    Hi. I have the "WT servo 16" board from WitMotion. I would like to know if there is another application for android in addition to the one offered by the motherboard manufacturer. Also I would like to know how to connect the HC-06 bluetooth module on the WT servo 16 board. Link WT servo 16...
  18. zazas321

    STM32 + BLE module for super low energy application

    Hey. I would like to get some advice regarding the selection of the bluetooth module for the low power STM32 microcontroller. I also would like some general advice regarding the STM32 and bluetooth modules. I need to send some data on my STM32 few times a day, therefore I thought the best...
  19. I

    T.I. BLE USB MCU Programming Trouble (CC2540)

    Hello Everybody! I am trying to program/communicate with the CC2450 BLE IC, which is a transceiver/microcontroller. My computer is having trouble recognizing the device. It does not show up in Device Manager. I've tried the T.I. tools for trying to communicate with it. I've downloaded the BLE...
  20. A

    Modding wireless RF headphones to Bluetooth headphones

    Hi guys, I have been using a pair of Sennheiser headphones for quite some time now (HDR 118). They offer good sound and sit comfortably, however they do work based on RF signals (863 - 865 MHz) and have been catching a lot of interference as of late. Instead of just getting a new pair of...