Common SMD inductor values to try out in repairing

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Hello, I have the broken bluetooth module that you can see in the picture below. Noted in RED 1 and 2, are the two places where an SMD inductor should be.

WIN_20220713_21_28_43_Pro (3).jpg

I salvaged one SMD inductor going there, which you can see in the picture below:


However, I destroyed it while trying to connect leads in order to measure its value. My question is, since it was quite an expensive bluetooth module, would it be worth to give it a try and solder a few different "most common" values of SMD inductors to see whether it would work?

Do you happen to have such "common values" suggestions, perhaps from similar circuits and applications that I could try?


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would it be worth to give it a try
Inductors are very finicky devices with many different specifications other than just "Inductance".
It's not likely that You would find one with the exact same characteristics,
unless You have a specific part-number and manufacturer.

If it was expensive, You bought it from the wrong Supplier.