MCU with onboard Bluetooth

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Hello all,

Caution, I am a newbie to MCUs. I am looking for a low cost MCU board with Bluetooth for communication with mobile app. I have purchased NodeMCU which comes with onboard WiFi. However, I would like to talk to MCU via Bluetooth directly. If I use NodeMCU or ArduinoNano, I would have to purchase a separate Bluetooth module.

I did little research over the web but could not find anything significant. Hence, I am here! Please assist.



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TI has several of these. I’m assuming other manufacturers have them as well.
The cc2540 has a 8051
The cc2642 has an arm M4

I would caution that Ive used the cc 8051 series from TI before. There is a bit of a learning curve on this series to just get it up and running. It is not a good first microcontroller.

The arm controller does have a launchpad which should help speed up product development.