1. P

    First PCB Design Review

    Hi, This is my first time designing a PCB and I just wanted to check that I had done it correctly or if there's anything I can improve. The main focus of this design is to scale down Voltage into a GPIO entry on an MCU and then scaling back up the voltage coming out from the MCU to the OEM...
  2. M

    How to connect two MCU using SPI? What are the requirement and how I should processed?

    My slave MCU is STM32G0B1 and for master Im going to use SOM which has 3 SPI interface.
  3. lpares12

    Power latch to feed MCU on state change of switch (help fixing circuit)

    Hi! Just for context, few months ago I wrote this post: https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threads/help-powering-an-mcu-when-a-switch-changes-state-with-auto-turnoff.196069/ My idea is to make an independent power latch that will monitor state changes from a reed switch (or tbf any kind of...
  4. BrokenPin

    what best bus transceiver to translation from a 3.3V to a 5V/3.3V environment ?

    Hello guys, I need to interface my 3.3V MCU IO ports to a connector that will be connected to either a 5V or a 3.3V system. I learned about the SN74LVC4245A, an 8-bit bus transceiver with two separate supply rails VCCA(5V) and VCCB(3.3V). but in the datasheet, it states that the control...
  5. BigMacWCheese

    How to transfer LCD data from rangefinder to arduino?

    I am pretty new to this all so forgive me if I didn't post this under the right community since I wasn't 100% sure which one to post in. I have a rangefinder that uses an HT1621B chip that sends signals to a custom 32-pin LCD. I am wondering if there are any MCU or board that has a 32 FFC cable...
  6. Choon Kwang

    Help - low side current measurement of motor via shunt and adc

    wlpThis circuit is a low side current measurement of a motor using a shunt resistor and adc of a mcu. However, I do not understand the reason or use for the 100k internal pull down resistor, 10k external serial resistor and the capacitor. Anyone can help?
  7. L

    looking for some MCU/ST product

    Hello, I am looking for STM32F417IGT6/400pcs and STM32G474RET3/960pcs. if someone here has excess stock to resell, pls contact me: <snip> Moderator edit: email address removed to prevent spam. A member can contact you via private message if required.
  8. M

    Set up Microcontroller to save data to SD card using FAT file storage.

    Hi there, I'm looking for help with a FAT filesystem project. I have a special made measuring device with its own on board ARM MCU and RAM memory. Its is essentially a device that measures impedance through a tungsten filament as that filament is drilled at high RPM through a non conductive...
  9. EnzoEngr

    Any tips for MCU breaking after reflow soldering?

    After soldering up the parts, the DMA process on my MCU's (ATSAML21J18B-AUT) is breaking. I use an IR oven (T962A), cover the MCU in a heat shield, and reflow using low temp solder (the process gets up to 180C). With an iron at 200C, I will touch up pins with bad solder joints. The MCU is rated...
  10. C

    How to introduce myself to the microprocessor world (MOVE FORM MCU's to MPU's)

    Hi everyone!, im currently a student, i know about electrical circuits, basic electronics, digital circuits, basic digital design, microcontrollers, programming and other things, im a biomedical engineer and currently im working as service engineer (giving maintenance to medical equipment) but...
  11. sysWOW64

    Protecting PCB, multiplexers and MCU in vending machines

    Hello everyone, I am working on a low cost vending machine with the ESP32 and as you may know, it is necessary to properly protect the components to prevent users from trying to steal money or damage the components. The PCB has a TFT display and several multiplexers to communicate the ESP32 with...
  12. marcotecnovolt

    EEPROM Broken after some hundred writes

    Hi community, I'm Marco from Italy, I'm an electronic developer and I like automation in general. I would like to share my problem with community, to know what do you think about this. I'm developing an electronic board for general automation purposes, on this board there is a STM32F104 that...
  13. V

    What is best mcu for industrial places?

    Hi there, I want to use mcu for some automation, mostly i use mcu for controlling some stepper and servo motor and also some transistor but there is one problem that in my environment there is a lot of industrial 3 phases motors. What is the best mcu for my occasion? (Specially i can program it...
  14. pralayp

    MSP430FR6047: Calculating current limiter values for SCL,SDA,LCD-COM,TXD & RXD lines to increase battery life.

    Hello Experts, My application is a commercial battery powered device. The 2 most important thing for me is to achieve "accuracy in metering" and "Increase battery life" of my product. 1st thing I'm able to achieve using MSP430FR6047 chip for water metering. 2nd thing is what I'm working on...
  15. akku_p

    MCU with onboard Bluetooth

    Hello all, Caution, I am a newbie to MCUs. I am looking for a low cost MCU board with Bluetooth for communication with mobile app. I have purchased NodeMCU which comes with onboard WiFi. However, I would like to talk to MCU via Bluetooth directly. If I use NodeMCU or ArduinoNano, I would have...
  16. Khisraw

    Offsetting input voltage in PICAXE-08M2 MCU

    Hi, I am connecting a sensor to PICAXE08M2 MCU. The sensor is read in pin C.4 and when it is off is 1.8V and 5V when it is fully ON. I need to offset the 1.8V. I need to write the codes in Basic. The ADC is 8 bit and the maximum value would be 255. My codes are below. Main: Readadc C.1...
  17. A

    Why the initial state of Bistable multivibrator using 555 timer is coming high?

    I want to make a circuit for triggering the STM32 microcontroller into the Bootloader mode. For normal operation of MCU using flash memory the BOOT0 pin should be low and for entering the bootloader mode the BOOT0 pin should be pulled high. Presently I am using Bistable multivibrator using 555...
  18. M

    Amplitude modulation with MCU and NE 555

    Hi, I want to build an IR transmitter (~ 38kHz). My plan is to use a NE555 timer to generate the carrier wave (A-stable Operation), modulate it with a micro controller, and transmit modulated signal via IR LED. My question: Can I connect the micro controller output pin directly to the CONT...
  19. Khisraw

    Controlling AC powered devices

    Hi All, As an electronics engineer, I have always worked with low voltage circuits and found it very difficult to control high voltage, AC powered devices. In my last project, I needed a power board that I can just plug my MCU or DSP and control an instrument that needs high power. I wanted an...
  20. I

    T.I. BLE USB MCU Programming Trouble (CC2540)

    Hello Everybody! I am trying to program/communicate with the CC2450 BLE IC, which is a transceiver/microcontroller. My computer is having trouble recognizing the device. It does not show up in Device Manager. I've tried the T.I. tools for trying to communicate with it. I've downloaded the BLE...