Set up Microcontroller to save data to SD card using FAT file storage.

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Hi there, I'm looking for help with a FAT filesystem project.

I have a special made measuring device with its own on board ARM MCU and RAM memory.
Its is essentially a device that measures impedance through a tungsten filament as that filament is drilled at high RPM through a non conductive material.
The purpose is to measure the saturation of the inner lining of a fiberglass pipe that contains corrosive industrial chemicals.

After this device runs a test I am left with a large RAM chip filled with impedance measurements over a distance.
What I would like to be able to do is store this raw data on an SD card as both a CSV and image file.

The CSV would be used for further analysis done by a software program.
The image file (I haven't decided on a format) would be used to place test results directly into a report.

I have been looking through the FATFs Module website ( as a possible option, but I've never setup this type of system before.

I would like to know if FatFs is even a plausible option for this hardware and am I even barking up the right tree.
FatFs requires a lower level disk IO layer to be written so that it can interface with the SPI port, can anyone suggest advice or a example of this being implemented?
Is there a simpler way to do this? Is FatFs the right choice?

I can answer any additional questions if needed. Thank you.

Current devices used:
RAM: ISSI, IS62WV5128, 512K x 8


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Welcome to AAC!

When developing around an ARM MCU it is easier to start with a development board and recommended software suite.
What board and platform are you using? Does the board come with a micro-SD slot?
Check your IDE platform and look for SD-card libraries. Search for code examples on the internet. The file format choice will come later. You can choose any standard file format for your selected application SW.


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I've used FatFs before. The SPI driver (with the assumption you already have a SD card socket and interface on the controller card) for it is simple if you already have hardware and embedded software experience. I wouldn't recommend it for a novice.
Can you post more information about measuring device like a PCB photo.

If you have a serial TTL/RS-232 connection it might be easier to send CSV data (A properly encoded image/binary file will also work) that way. If it has a onboard debug USB, that will usually have virtual serial port that can connect directly to a PC for data capture.

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Thanks for responding.

This image shows how it is configured on my custom PCB.
Look at ports E16 through E21.
I can setup a breakout board and shield if you think a different configuration would work better.
I got my degree in electrical engineering in 2014 and have been working with this family of MCUs since then.
I certainly know how to setup a SPI bus.
I actually already have my own SPI.c file written for different projects I've done.
How to 'glue' that to the FatFs functions is where I am confused.

Thank you!
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