1. N

    How to find out RAM usage in Embedded Electronic Control Unit (ECU) ?

    Please consider some professional embedded system with 16-bit microcontroller. I know embedded software build tools report program flash memory usage. I think they also report RAM usage but do they report maximum RAM usage? Build tools may not know how much heap will be used during run-time...
  2. K

    When to use Pull-Up Resistors on read/write pins of Memory connected to the 8085

    Hi, I noticed that 4.7k ohm pull-up resistors are used in this circuit on the read/write memory pins: Saundby's MAG 85(scroll down to yellow text), but in other circuits where the read/write / io/m signals are decoded by the 74138 for example, pull-ups are not used? Is it because in the MAG 85...
  3. K

    8085 Address Decoding

    Hi, I think that this looks correct, please confirm. I am ONLY showing my connection to the 62256 32k x 8 ram CE pin that I added to the web page picture, slide 15: When A13,A14,A15 are all low, the 2764 should be selected. When A15 is high, the 62256 should be selected. Keiichicom
  4. M

    Set up Microcontroller to save data to SD card using FAT file storage.

    Hi there, I'm looking for help with a FAT filesystem project. I have a special made measuring device with its own on board ARM MCU and RAM memory. Its is essentially a device that measures impedance through a tungsten filament as that filament is drilled at high RPM through a non conductive...
  5. Unknown Bot

    Embedded Systems Test Review

    I am an absolute beginner in Embedded Systems and I had an idea to test the Allwinner A83T processor with an bare bones board test and so I completed the design yesterday. But before I get it made by JLCPCB (because of $8 4 layer fabrication), I need somebody to tell me if this will boot and...