1. JohnWelder

    EDUP 8W Wifi Power Amplifier 2.4GHz, need help!!!

    As the title says I want to buy this Wifi Signal Repeater Router Range Extender and price seems good but I worry about quality. Its about this one - https://aliexpress.com/e/_DBrAU1x Any help is wellcome, Thanks!
  2. Govardhanan

    Which wireless tech should I choose?

    Hi all, Think of a school environment, where both closed classrooms and open play grounds, both will be available. We have hundreds of client devices, which we dont want to communicate with each other, but only to a parent network, who will be sending data in say tens of bytes every 5-15 min...
  3. itamarST

    Looking for 2 types of SBC models capable of acting as a network gateway.

    Hi! My name is Itamar and I'm looking for 2 types of SBC models capable of acting as a network gateway. Both boards need to support 1GbE, support a Linux operating system and have no WIFI connectivity. In your answer, please carefully explain the pros and cons for the two models you have...
  4. mva007

    Help with two-way long-range wireless communication between two ESP32s

    My current setup involves sending-receiving few variable values, implemented using a struct variable, wirelessly between two ESP32s which are both physically present in the same room, using ESPNow. Each data is sent/rx at an interval of 15ms. This setup is working flawlessly for me. I'm also...
  5. BuyingOffDeath

    Unexplainable RF Power levels

    I have an RF Explorer to use to scan what RF's are around me. I am curious as I'm am just getting in learning about wireless transmission and propagation. However I can't explain these power levels of -10 dbm all the way to -0. The RF Explorer does seem to be working correctly just based off of...
  6. sleigh.za

    My first ESP32 Dev board design

    Hi everyone, I am relatively new to designing schematics and PCB's and have only ever done simple circuits up until now. I have tried my hand at designing my very first ESP32 based Dev board. I know that these can be bought for fairly cheap already, but wanted to have a go at actually designing...
  7. D

    Circuit to alert to loitering vehicles by detecting engine idling for more than 2 minutes

    Hi Guys, I'm new here, so apologize if this has already been covered. I would like to know when a vehicle that stops at the stop sign in front of my house just hangs out there for an extended period of time. I'm imagining a circuit with a ceramic mic, audio level detector that triggers a WiFi...
  8. S

    How do multiple wireless devices avoid communication collision

    I try learning through youtube and other resources for example WiFi works on 2.4Ghz actually there are other 8 bands too (some other frequencies next/before 2.4Ghz) so different devices use those different bands/frequencies to communicate at same time, for sure on receiving end we have 8...
  9. akku_p

    MCU with onboard Bluetooth

    Hello all, Caution, I am a newbie to MCUs. I am looking for a low cost MCU board with Bluetooth for communication with mobile app. I have purchased NodeMCU which comes with onboard WiFi. However, I would like to talk to MCU via Bluetooth directly. If I use NodeMCU or ArduinoNano, I would have...
  10. ashokraj

    ESP12F doesnt work after cycling the power until hard reset

    Hi, I have designed ESP12F with CH340G(USB- UART converter) with auto programming feature. As shown below. I have programmed in Arduino IDE. As long as power is there, the board runs the code. But After I cycle the power, the board doesn't run the program! until I hard reset the ESP12F...
  11. putout

    How do I reset this Wi-Fi PCB module ?

    This was removed from a Elm327 Wifi obd2 reader it had invalid WIfi settings so it was unable to make a wifi connection I tried shorting GND to RST while only applying 3.3v to the 3.3vpin - no luck any tips would be appreciated . that mess on the RS232 header came like that from the seller
  12. I

    Antenna modification from 4G device for weak signal

    Hello, the attached is a 4g wifi device however where i live the cell tower signal is very weak, how can i attach external antenna to it for better cell reception and hence better 4g speed
  13. S

    wifi module choice

    hello, my target is video(at least 480p at 30 fps) streaming point to point and i think that 802.11(probably wifi direct) is the most appropriate for this purpose (cause of speed), so i wonder is there something else than esp32 (and is it capable of such a thing if you know), cause it was the...
  14. A

    Python for programming ESP8266/ESP32

    For all with interest in application of the ESP8266 and ESP32 family microcontrollers from Espressif, I would like to reccommend the following project we are working on. Based on Micropython, we havebuilt a basic framework for IoT projects with ESP chips. The framework has out of the box and...