AC/DC 24v power supply 5a with 8 barrel connectors?

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First off, I'm a newbie. Not sure if what I'm looking for is doable, possible...

I have 8 battery powered light fixtures.
They come with 24v, 5a individual chargers.

I would like to make a charger where I can charge all my (8) lights fixtures at once without the need of plugging 8 individual chargers in the wall. (I'd like something more compact)
So basically, some kind of AC/DC power supply where i have only one AC plug to go in the wall and splits into 8x DC cables with barrels connectors delivering 24v, 5a to each fixture.

Hope it's clear.
What would be required for this?

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So if I read you right you want 24 VDC @ 5 Amps X 8 or a 24 VDC 40 Amp charger or source. Next problem is are what you have designed as Battery Chargers or just 24 VDC power supplies? Also my 40 Amps was a bare minimal you want some overhead in there. Certain battery chargers are designed around battery chemistry. That needs to be known? So while I won't say yes, no problem there are things which need known.



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Please post information about the lights and chargers; manuals, photos, website links, etc. If the lights have LiPo batteries, then the chargers probably have some brains and are not as simple as lead-acid or NiCad chargers. This is a much more difficult thing to design, especially at your power level.

The safest (and cheapest) thing to do is buy an outlet strip with 8 outlets, and continue to use the chargers supplied with the lights.

Note: Using something other than the factory original charges probably voids the warranty and any responsibility the manufacturer has for your safety. You are talking about pumping over 57,000 joules of energy into the most explosive battery chemistry. Since you are a

I recommend against it.

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If the light has a 24 volt FIVE AMP supply my guess is that it is not really a battery powered light. So the first question is: are they actually battery powered lights? Each supply would be providing 120 watts as I see it,
So we really need some additional description of the system and the lights.