1. P

    AC/DC 24v power supply 5a with 8 barrel connectors?

    Hello, First off, I'm a newbie. Not sure if what I'm looking for is doable, possible... I have 8 battery powered light fixtures. They come with 24v, 5a individual chargers. I would like to make a charger where I can charge all my (8) lights fixtures at once without the need of plugging 8...
  2. MacaroniLeader

    Can you share common neutral with different voltage system?

    I have 3 AC to DC transformers powered by same breaker AC breaker: 1. 120ac to 48v dc 2. 120ac to 24v dc 3. 120ac to 12v dc 4. 12v dc to 9v dc step down to power Arduino 5. 5v dc sensor system powered by Arduino board and ground from Arduino board Is it possible to have one neutral/ground bar...
  3. J

    Help thinking about Grounding/Safety for LED device

    Hello - I'm creating an LED device and I'd like to have a good understanding of grounding/safety so I don't accidentally harm my users! I'm powering my device with an AC/DC wall mount adapter that outputs 20V which connects to a barrel jack on my PCB. I'm using an LED driver as well that...