1. rabhar

    Build a low voltage, high voltage and surge protector

    I want to protect my LED TV from low and high voltages and also from voltage surges. Required output voltage range 200 - 250 V AC (RMS). I want to make it simple and effective one. Which one of these two options work best and please recommend other solutions 1. Just use V275LA40BP to protect...
  2. EUrbanAutoTech

    If V = I x R then does it still "make sense" to refer to a battery's voltage when not connected to anything? As in I = 0..?

    I'm an automotive mechanic that specializes in electrical/drivability diagnosis. I like helping other techs get a better grasp on this aspect of our trade. Now imagine I'm with another tech and I have a battery and a multimeter in front of me. I measure the battery's voltage and get 12V. Me...
  3. memedin

    I cannot control the transmitter with the XTR101 IC

    0-5 V to 4-20 mA linear conversion from voltage to current signal transmitter, this is the circuit I want to make. Materials used in the circuit: XTR101 BAT249 BD243 Level transmitter I am setting up the circuit, I get 5 V at the output without connecting the level transmitter. When I...
  4. memedin

    esp32 c3 rc522 df player mini there is a voltage drop in the circuit

    I want to play music from dfplayer mini with an rfid card reader. When I set up the circuit on the plate, I get a voltage drop, I don't know why, very meaningless ı use 5vto3v3 ams1117, entry 10uf exit 10uf and normally I was going to feed it with tp4056, I would switch my circuit with a...
  5. MrsssSu

    Buffer AM signal (5W)

    Dear all, may I ask how to buffer an AM Signal so that it contains more power, maybe 5W for my Remote Control RC? I have buffered the AM signal using op-amp but the power output is just not enough. I have tried using this push-pull transistor pair, but the waveform seems to be unbuffered. I...
  6. MrsssSu

    Arduino PID for propeller pendulum to balance horizontally

    Dear all, this hobby project I setup is using an encoder to make the stick to be 90 degress which is at 1500 steps (0 degrees=perfectly horizontal using PID control). My encoder counter code is obtained from video here and I have tested it which works perfectly well. Since this encoder is 1200...
  7. S

    PAC1934 DC Power/Energy Monitor

    I want to read the voltage and current at the output of the line with the PAC1934 IC. It is stated that the breakdown limit is 40V, but when I give a voltage over 32V on this line, I cannot view it and there is an underlined phrase in the datasheet Page 3. What does it mean? How can I read a...
  8. MrsssSu

    Linear Frequency to Linear Voltage circuit

    Dear all, the circuit above is quoted from here, and I wish to try to produce similar graph in LT Spice but I am unsure of it. The LT Spice schematic is correct since I tested it with specific 10V input AC, and it produces linear voltage on its output. However, I want to do an AC sweep on this...
  9. MrsssSu

    Reduce Frequency of Waveform

    Dear all, may I ask if there is a circuit that produces the following input and output which basically reduces its frequency by 2 times which also basically stretch out the input waveform to produce the following output? Thank you for reading :)
  10. effectivedragon

    Question regarding water resistance changing with voltage

    Hi, recently I have been trying to find out regarding resistance of water at high voltages. I may seem oddly obsessed with this but it is forming a big part of a science project I am doing revolving around electrical safety with water and wet things, using detailed resistance values to back...
  11. MrsssSu

    How to freeze CD 4017 (Rain Led Chip)

    Dear all, I have successfully simulated a continuous led array that light up consecutively one after another using LT Spice and have even built one on breadboard and it works well. Well, my question is how would you freeze the led and how do we activate the clock inhibit on both the chips? Like...
  12. K

    Repairing Christmas/Fairy Lights

    I have a little experience with wiring after having to hot-wire my aftermarket radio in my car when changing it out, however I do not know how to fix this issue. The wires in the plug were loose and the lights were not turning on because of this, so i cut it off and figured it'd be as simple as...
  13. MrsssSu

    Amplify High frequency microvolts sine wave

    Dear all, I simulated a radio-receiver circuit, where I have actually build a part of the circuit which helps to amplify a sine 550kHz frequency of microvolts (antenna voltage) into several volts, however, I do not see any amplification on the output as highlighted above where I attached a...
  14. MrsssSu

    How to buffer AM signal?

    Dear all, I have actually built an AM circuit in real life to combine high frequency carrier sine wave (200kHz) and signal wave of triangle wave at (3kHz), and the output is on my oscillioscope which I am happy about. However, when I try to resonant the wave on my oscillioscope using LC tank...
  15. MrsssSu

    TL072 LT Spice Model

    Dear all, can anyone share TL072 op-amp LT Spice Model with me (probably better if placed in zip file ) ? I am trying to simulate a TL072 to produce 1MegaHertz sine wave :) Thank you for your help :)
  16. eli-ott

    Button downgrading voltage

    Hi, I have a problem where a simple bush button makes a 3.2V into a 2.8V. I wonder if there is any way to fix this or if every button does this. Thanks in advance :-)
  17. MrsssSu

    RLC resonator to produce beautiful sine wave

    Dear all, I have read about the RLC tank which can help to resonate a pulse wave of a certain frequency so that it will produce a beautiful sine wave. What would be the values of R , L and C if a 150kHz pulse square wave is used to produce a beautiful 150kHz sine wave? From what I simulated, I...
  18. MrsssSu

    AM modulation and demodulation circuit

    Dear all, above shows a modulator (transmitter) and a demodulator (receiver) and the circuit works well. However, this circuit only works if the transmitter and receiver are attached by wire. What modifications should be made to transmit the wave signal wirelessly from the transmitter to...
  19. MrsssSu

    Amplify tiny voltages accurately

    Hi all, above is a Schering's Bridge as a capacitance meter. Following the equation below, Rx resistor is fixed, whereas for capacitor Cx can be placed with an unknown value capacitor. R1 will be adjusted until voltage across R4 will be 0. The problem is that the voltage fluctuation across R4...
  20. MrsssSu

    Demodulator circuit

    Below is Triangular Modulation Output of a Triangle input wave HI all, I have been trying to understand modulation and demodulation circuitry as part of my hobby :) The modulation circuit above works fine but when I connect the output of the modulator to the demodulator (as shown by blue...