1. Lambo Av

    2 Generators connected to bus. Maximum, minimum voltage across light, peak voltage, pulsation

    2 generators are connected to the bus below. Given V1 = 300V, 50Hz V2 = 400V, 60Hz When the switch is opened, calculate i) the maximum and minimum voltage across both light 1 and 2. ii) peak voltage across both lights iii) maximum number of light pulsation How do I solve the issue above? Any...
  2. x11

    Adjusting voltage

    I have a servo and an actuator, both connected to a breadboard, needing 7v and 12v power respectively. I don't want to use batteries. How would I adjust the wall plug 120v to 7v and 12v respectively? There are technically adapters on amazon, but I am not sure how to connect them to my breadboard.
  3. C

    Theoretical values for ”natural frequency”, currents and voltage at electrical resonance.

    I am supposed to calculate the theoretical values for ”natural frequency”, currents and voltages at electrical resonance for this circuit. I should use the measured values for the resistance and the inductance of the coil. Also the measured value of the capacitance to the capacitor. The...
  4. T

    diode in series and parallel working principle?

    Hello, I would never thought I could not understand a circuit made out of diode but here I am. 1-the first circuit is two diode in series, when i measured the voltage between the them I found it half the voltage of the source which is not logic for me!!! as there is no current flowing through...