How to select appropriate components?

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I've just started tinkering and I'm having trouble with a pretty basic concept: reading and selecting components.

I have some push buttons that say ACDC 24V — does this mean in need 24V of AC -> DC power for the component?

I have another push button that says: UI: 440V AC15 Ith: 10A DC13 — what does this mean?

I also have a 120V LED. If I want to incorporate components like these into my circuit, do I need a 120V power supply? Should I be looking into a voltage amplifier? I like a lot of these higher voltage components because I find them pleasing from both an aesthetic and tactile perspective, but I'm worried about having to manage a big range of voltages in my circuit.

Any help or advice you could provide would be appreciated!


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What the specifications mean depends heavily on the type of component.

For something like a switch, the ratings are usually maximum ratings that you need to stay below.

For something like an LED (sounds like a module of some kind), the spec is what you are expected to actually provide.