1. S

    Push pull converter transformerdesign following colonel mclyman

    Hi all, I have decided to post my question with my calcs following his example on page 7-21 of colonel mclymans book (he design a multi-output, I will design a single output). It has been a while since I have looked into transformer design and I will most likely reread the book with more...
  2. r.prajapat42

    Smps transformer rewinding

    Hi Good afternoon all. My smps HF transformer secondary output is 12 volt 33 amp. I want to increase voltage 24 volt . ampere 5 amp is sufficient for me. Can i increase the secondary turns. Secondary has multi strand, so can i do half the strands and double turns. Or do i need to rewind primary...
  3. r.prajapat42

    Which component is this in smps

    Which component is this in an smps just after bridge rectifier.
  4. P

    How to modify/ design error amplifier compensation circuit (with TL431) for variable flyback converter and make it stable.

    I bought a power supply adopter (old, used, made for some device) of 24v 4.5A (from 230vac mains). It is a fixed output psu. My intention is to make it a variable psu of 30v to <=5v (as low as possible, and continuously variable). Schematic (simplified) of its error-amp circuitry is attached...
  5. alobaolalekann

    MOSFET testing Issues

    I'm currently encountering difficulties in testing my MOSFETs. I am in the process of designing a snubber for an IRF840 operating at 20kHz. Upon attempting to test (drive) the MOSFET, at <= 50% duty, in its basic state without any additional circuitry, I observed a 4V voltage drop from the 12V...
  6. B

    Burning of Resistor in the Clamp Circuit of an SMPS

    This circuit has been designed and optimised. When implementing on PCB R3 resistor is burning up. Any reasons or suggestions for this to happen? Circuit is stable and safe when supplied with 190V and any higher R3 starts burning up. R3 has a power rating of 0.125W went with the parameters of PI.
  7. Vish Ram

    Power supply for Single Peltier Module

    Hi Experts, I've got 12V, 20A, 240W SMPS (AC to DC) Power supply, & I've attached single(1) Peltier Module (TEC- 12706) - 12V, 6A(Max) with that SMPS But when I gave power to Peltier Module without Heat Sink via SMPS (Power Supply), it works for few seconds & then it stopped (Heating &...
  8. khiljinaz

    SMPS circuit diagram for 20 amp 24VDC

    I need an SMPS circuit diagram to drive a DC motor of 24VDC 20Amp with an input voltage of 100 -240 volts. Consideration be given to commonly available Transistors/ MOSFET and switching controllers.
  9. A

    Determining Amplifier Input Power

    Hi All, I am trying to setup my Sony N500 Xplod Car Amplifier in home environment. I have presently a 20A fuse placed in a 25A socket of the Amplifier. Its input is 12V. So I believe a SMPS of 25A 12V will suffice its working. I am intending to change the 20A fuse to 25A as well to support...
  10. J

    Mc2100ls-30 tread mill control bored pretends to me a sparkler

    Hello! So the other night me and my wife had gotten a tread mill (Nordic trac elite 3700) off of Facebook marketplace for $50 and I tilted the walking track upwards last night and for some reason the incline motor decided to continuously lower itself. It appears it Endlessly increased its draw...
  11. florian_1034

    Power factor of a SMPS

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with understanding the power factor of a switch mode power supply. More specifically, a phone charger. So it all started with me trying to measure the efficiency of my phone charger. I just measured the voltage, then the current after loading the charger at...
  12. Vish Ram

    SMPS Current Regulation

    Hi Experts, I've SMPS (AC to DC) which gives output of 12V, 20A, 240W, & I've to attach Peltier device (TEC1 12706) with SMPS, but Confusion is Peltier have max. Current rating as 6A, but SMPS is giving 20A, So how to limit o/p of SMPS to 6A, so it wont damage Peltier, how current regulation...
  13. Younes Thabet

    Can 2 varistors with same Vrms of 480V be interchangeable?

    Hello, I have a power supply which have V480LA10P varistor connected at input between line and neutral but I want to replace it with the V480LA40AP from same family. Looking at datasheet they seem to have almost similar characteristics except for "Peak Current 8 x 20µs" and "Energy 10 x 1000µs"...
  14. Neddan

    Increasing capable SMPS from rated 12V ouput to 20V via opto-coupler feedback

    Hello everybody. I am trying to increase my power Supply's default 12V 3.3A output to something like 20V 3A. I Decided to use a potential resistor via the shunt regulator at the opto-coupler which i was sure it had. But the problem is that when i opened the power supply, most of the output...
  15. P

    How PFC responds to Load power demand in SMPS (flyback) converter

    I tried to understand PFC in an SMPS voltage converter. I read from many websites but still confused very much about the following things. Situation: it’s an SMPS flyback (for example) converter, to output (for example) 24v dc to an inductive load of 100W (average). Input 230v AC mains 50Hz...
  16. A

    Making electromagnet and not burn the Magnet

    Hi All, I have made an electromagnet of using 1 mm diameter wire appx 60 turns. here is the problem... i have 600W smps(computer power supply) and i want to use that to power my electromagnet. On smps it shows 3.3V with 25A and 5V with 18A. If i connect my electromagnet to one of these terminals...
  17. M

    No B+ Voltage on CRT monitor

    Hi, I have a crt monitor that dosent work now, I figured out that a mosfet was running very hot and was shorting the smps(making it stop and restart), I removed it and saw that theres no short circuit now and the led/buttons works but theres no picture, it's the mosfet that generates the B+...
  18. kamranM

    Start-up and steady-state models of microcontroller

    I've been looking at UCC28C43 models provided by TI. Why do we need two different Spice models such as "Transient steady-state" & "transient start-up" for MOSFET driver IC? How do we use them? When do we need these analyses? Do all microcontrollers in power electronics have such separate models...
  19. Younes Thabet

    Can secondary side wires of SMPS transformer be interchangeable?

    Hello All, I have an SMPS that i want to change its transformer (image below) in the original transformer, pin 7 is connected to ground and pin 9 to a rectifier diode. with another transformer (image below) Now, the primary of both transformers are similar but the secondary of original...
  20. ashokraj

    what is the difference between these two supplies

    I am wondering how will these two differ, One is Ac to DC converter module, second one is SMPS. Link1(AC to DC module) Link2(SMPS) when link 1 is available in a small size than Link2(SMPS). Under what circumstance we have to use Link1 and link2. I understand that SMPS is 5watt, Link1/Module...