1. anditechnovire

    Blocking Oscillator

    please am a beginner in electronics and am just getting to understand simple basic self oscillating circuit so i got stumbled in the so called one of the easiest self oscillating circuit, "the blocking oscillator". The information I get in many website are so confusing and contradicting...
  2. anditechnovire

    flyback and transformer concept

    I have been reading about the concept of a flyback transformers and converters, which has led to various misunderstandings concerning the basic operation of a transformer. Firstly, dc current don't induce voltage in the secondary windings of any transformer. But in a flyback converter, I read...
  3. Marcel DaJanchar

    SMPS IC selection for automotive use: 12V to 5V

    Hello! I am working on automated pressure controller which will be used in a car. The controller consists of following: - Power supply (10V-20V input, 5Vdc 1A max output) - MCU STM32 (valve controller for pressure regulation + reading 4 pressure sensors) - WiFi functionality (ESP8266) - 8...
  4. John Czerwinski

    DC Boost Converter (5v to 12v using LM2577) not powering load

    I'm sure I'm missing something very fundamental here, but I've built a boost circuit on a breadboard (see attached schematic) to convert 5v to 12v using an LM2577-adj. I want to power a 12v PC fan (rate at 12v at .06A) as the load. The LM2577 seems to work fine, as I'm measuring 12v. The fan...
  5. B

    How to improve efficiency of Full-Bridge SMPS?

    Hello, I am designing full-bridge SMPS with a linear voltage stabilizer in LTspice. When I was making measurements I discovered that the maximum efficiency of my power supply is around 30% at full load. Project assumptions: Input voltage: 230 AC Output voltage: 0 - 25 V DC Output current: 5 A...
  6. D

    Full Bridge DC-DC Converter - Closed Loop Compensation

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a 48V to 400V full bridge dc-dc converter and I'm using SG3525 as pwm IC. The question is; should I apply my 2-pole 2-zero compensation to the error amplifier on sg3525 or build a type-3 compensation on feedback part with tl431. (you can advise another method if...
  7. P

    Need to Design 48v to 12v DC 10A Max Circuit

    Hi, I need to design a DC DC Converter Circuit: 48v to 12v DC 10A Max Current with Isolation. Anyone, please share reference design/Schematics if any.