PSFB converter not working as expected in TINA TI simulation

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Hello Everyone,
I am currently working on a 2.5kW PSFB converter using UCC28950 ic from TI in TINA simulation (unfortunately couldn't get a similar model for LTspice). The simulation is working however I am not getting the desired results (i.e. Vout = 84V and Iout = 30A). I have a uploaded a .zip file containing the calculation values, .TSC files, waveforms pictures and some observations from my behalf. The simulation is based upon a schematic similar to the application note provided by TI.
I have understood the basic working of the PSFB converter along with the principles on how exactly it achieves ZVS, although the significance of the shim/leakage inductance and its impact on ZVS is still something that I haven't understood completely.
Any help/suggestion regarding this topic will be highly appreciated.

P.S. I have used a similar ic LTC 3722-1 in LTspice for achieving similar results as above, it did work however it is relatively quite old and expensive.