1. Answerz

    PsOC 4 BLE (pins problems)

    I am running a project using a thermistor. I started by using the evaluation board as shown: The program runs fine. After that, I removed the module from the evaluation board and powered the module using an external power source (3V). I moved the resistor and thermistor from the evaluation...
  2. IgnacioMorac

    Protection Circuit Design for Sensor

    Hello partners The design that you are going to see next belongs to a sensor that I am building, this sensor will be capable of measuring voltages between 25-40 volts through the ADC of a microcontroller and at the same time feeding on these voltages. A fundamental part of every sensor is to...
  3. DZ92

    Impact force measuring sensor

    Hi all! I dont know much about sensors or hardware in general (Im a computer science student) so I would really appreciate some help here :) I am looking for a flexible impact force sensor (for measuring a punch) , it needs to be around 10X10 cm and I want to connect it to Arduino or raspberry...
  4. S

    Alternatives of break-beam sensors (one-side implementation instead of both)

    Hi, I would like to know if there's any alternatives that can replace break-beam sensors in this situation — a gate that counts how many people has passed through using a sensor implemented on one side. If there aren't any alternatives, can an ultrasonic sensor be used to replace the break-beam...
  5. J

    MPU9250 and HMC5883L sensor fusion

    Hi. I’m working on a robot project and I need to get gyro, accelerometer data from MPU9250 and magnetometer data from HMC5883L then combine them. I will use arduino as a platform. Is it possible to do it? I have never used these sensors before. What are your advices for this project?
  6. Rui Fernandes

    ZMOD4410 - I2C with MSP430FR2155

    Hi, I am currently working with a sensor platform to measure IAQ. One of the sensors that I am using is the ZMOD4410 developed by Renesas to measure TVOC. I am having trouble with the sensor's I2C. In the datasheet it says that the implemented transmission protocol is similar to conventional...
  7. D

    Looking for Industrial Grade 24-bit Wireless Digital-to-Analog converters with analog outputs for a machine condition monitoring project

    Hi, I am looking for Industrial Grade Wireless Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs). These DACs should be capable of receiving and accepting wireless digital transmission from industrial grade wireless vibration sensors, convert it into its corresponding analog/voltage signal, and send this...
  8. E

    gas flow measurement in ml/min and m/s

    I want to use gas flow meter. I checked for some sensors which have given measurement in ml/min and some has in ml/min. I tried to convert the ml/min to m/s on google but got the result in m3/s. I am not sure about the flow measurement and units used in the datasheets. Is there any explanation...
  9. tlemsalim

    Dielectric permittivity measurement of solid materials using capacitors

    Hi, I am currently doing some research work on different ways to measure permittivity of materials. In particular, I want to measure the permittivity of FR4 materials of PCB, and of an aluminium oxide block of approximately 0.5 cm^3, at 2.45 GHz. One idea I want to explore is how to measure...
  10. 8

    BNO085 - Bringup

    Hello, I tried to breakout the BNO085. I used a known good design from Adafruit (attached the schematic). Now unfortunately it doesn't work. I written software for the Adafruit board and it works fine. Then I replaced the Adafruit board with my breakout board ("schematic_not working" in the...
  11. KaputFPV

    Mosfet array for low voltage and low current

    (I am quite new to electronics and pcb design.) (necessary files are attached, tell me if you need something else ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone, I am making a MOSFET...
  12. M

    Please help me with getting the values from the digital meter to raspberry pi

    I am doing a project on automating a hydroponic system to grow tomatoes. I need a TDS sensor to measure Total Dissolved salts. I searched a lot for a sensor but I was not able to find a sensor that satisfies my requirement. I need a sensor that can measure high ppm. But, the sensors are only...
  13. P

    Looking for differential pressure sensor with interrupt on certain pressure

    Hello everybody, I'm currently looking to add a differential pressure sensor on a design. Problem is: this differential pressure sensor is supposed to detect violent overpressures ( 200mbars) and I don't really care about it the rest of the time. I chewed catalogs from Farnell, Honeywell and...
  14. L

    What's the function of a microcontroller that is put between a voltage source and a sensor (a low-power device)?

    Hello, I have a very general question concerning digital electronics: Given a sinusoidal voltage source (followed by its rectification circuit so that in the end the voltage is constant) and a final sensor (to be powered directly with the voltage source), why do I need to put a...
  15. S

    Analog sensor non-linear region

    I'm working with a distance sensor that gives erratic readings when an object is <2". Here's a plot of MCU ADC counts (orange) and voltage input to ADC (blue). My first thought is to monitor the dv/dt after we cross the 2" threshold and ignore anything that doesn't have a linear increasing...
  16. C

    Ultrasonic sensing

    Hi all, I am working on an ultrasonic sensor for occupancy sensing. This device would drive an LED based on movement, and I was wondering if detection could be achieved the following way Where the sensors and the moving person lie in opposite sides of the wall, and the ultrasonic waves would...
  17. kjrr.2136

    Arduino Wifi/IR Universal remote with "ADD" button

    I want to build a ir cloner and transmitter for electronic devices (tv, home theatre,AC,etc) with NODE MCU so that i can control all the devices over wifi with my phone. There are may tutorials for making this type of project but all of them include manually inputting the "ir code"(not sure...
  18. Pauch188

    DIY Swing Catalyst Pressure Plate

    How hard is it to make a DIY pressure plate that measures Horizontal, Sheer(Torque) and Vertical foot pressure forces like the Swing Catalyst Pressure Plate for golf?
  19. C

    Implementing some kind of motion sensor in place of NO/NC Push Button.

    Hi everyone! Firstly, I apologise if this is the wrong place to post! Over the last couple of years I've used a Weigl ProCommander PHX to control some event spaces from a series of push buttons. These have simply been wired from the PS+ to a terminal of a NO/NC push button and the other...
  20. GrampsFish

    Sensor(s) to determine if plastic pickleball has hit target

    I made a 4' wide x 3' tall plywood practice wall, and drew an 18" wide x 10" target on the plywood. I would like to make some sort of sensor array that would be positioned about 1.5" off the plywood playing surface and sound a chime each time the 2.75" diameter plastic pickle ball tripped one...