1. C

    Implementing some kind of motion sensor in place of NO/NC Push Button.

    Hi everyone! Firstly, I apologise if this is the wrong place to post! Over the last couple of years I've used a Weigl ProCommander PHX to control some event spaces from a series of push buttons. These have simply been wired from the PS+ to a terminal of a NO/NC push button and the other...
  2. GrampsFish

    Sensor(s) to determine if plastic pickleball has hit target

    I made a 4' wide x 3' tall plywood practice wall, and drew an 18" wide x 10" target on the plywood. I would like to make some sort of sensor array that would be positioned about 1.5" off the plywood playing surface and sound a chime each time the 2.75" diameter plastic pickle ball tripped one...
  3. toby159

    How to connect E3JM-R4S4 PNP Sensor

    Hi, this is E3JM-R4S4, brown and blue connect to power supply. I wanted to know is it either black or brown connect to +load and the white connect to 0V? If is it so, I don't see the electric flow.
  4. T

    Help needed with the temperature sensor

    Hi, I'm a high school student who is doing a physics research project on the Mpemba Effect and various circumstances that may permit it to occur. My current concern is with the apparatus that I will have to use in the experimental part of the project. In view of that, I would like you to give...
  5. S

    Connecting 12V Inductive Sensor to Raspberry Pi 3B+

    Hello, I am not too strong with building electrical circuits so I am just wondering if I could get some feedback on the circuit I built. I am trying to connect a 12V inductive sensor to a Raspberry Pi 3B+ 3.3V port. The inductive sensor is being used to detect a metal sleeve inside of a valve...
  6. M

    Mouse Trap Sensor

    I'll try to be as concise as possible. I'm an engineering student tasked by my university to create a mouse trap that alerts caretakers the trap has gone off. There is already a product on the market that achieve this but need to be hooked up to a wifi signal. The problem is that the university...
  7. SaMirakle

    Guidance Needed: Attempting to Simulate/Generate an Engine Speed Sensor Signal

    Hi everyone! So at work we have several engine simulators and for the ones we currently have engine speed sensors connected to we went about it by using a DC motor spinning a magnetic pulser disc (found here) with the sensor mounted directly in front. Though this works fine, I'd like to start...
  8. O

    Load cell Data(Force sensor) to 2 systems

    Hi Everyone, Curently i have a Tension Compression Load cells(attached datasheet) connected to a Electronic control system which Supply's voltage and calculate the force. Right now i need to send the raw data of the load cell to another complete diferent application. Is there any interface...
  9. Sudip Mandal 2

    Interfacing circuit for Piezoelectric vibration sensor to detect shock

    I want to detect the mechanical shock of a machine. To measure the vibrational shock I am using Minisense 100 Piezoelectric vibration sensor. I have done the feasibility test using it and it is giving output as expected. I have observed on the oscilloscope output frequency for all type...
  10. F

    dc motor control with 555 timer ic

    Hello İm tring first circiut. But i need implement this circuit with lm35 (temperature sensor ) . How i can do it ? if i use just potantiometre instead lm35 , can this ciruit can start ?
  11. S

    4-20mA Analog sensor to 0-3.3V Digital conversion

    I have a question about signal conversion since I am pretty new to this. I want to translate a 4-20mA signal into a 0-3.3V digital signal. I have done a lot of research and came up with a circuit, but i am unsure if this is possible / correct. My idea was to use a Transimpedance amplifier to...
  12. Lambo Av

    L293N enquiries for Robots with PIC microcontroller

    Hi, all. I have downloaded an L293N motor driver for my Proteus 8 Professional from the following website. https://www.theengineeringprojects.com/2017/09/l298-motor-driver-library-proteus.html Based on the video link in the website (or you can click here: ), it says that the 2 pins (unknown to...
  13. Lambo Av

    Obstacle Avoiding Robot using PIC Microcontroller

    Hi all, I am currently working on this robot with the guidance of the following website "https://circuitdigest.com/microcontroller-projects/obstacle-avoiding-robot-using-pic16f877a" The circuit diagram is as shown below The L293D motor driver module he used looks something like this while...