Can I trim off the pins on a Force sensitive resistor without affecting the sensitivity?

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Hi all,

I have some FSR 402 sensors that look like this: (Datasheet here)
I also have some FCI clinchers that look like this: (LINK)

Now I realized that I can add the clinchers only to a FSR without the pins. Can I trim off the end up to here: 1716375195497.png so I could add the clinchers? I would like them as they ensure a snug fit with the cables - if I were just to try and attach the FSR with the cable, it would not create a snug fit and slide out.

Thank you very much for your help :)


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It looks to me like the sensor is a laminated flexible printed circuit, terminated with insulation displacement crimp pins. That means that if you cut off the pins you have also removed the portion connected to the sensing element. So the test you need to do is to verify if the reverse side of the sensor is insulated or not. If the pins show continuity to the traces on either side, then probably yes, you can cut.
BUT if both sides of the extension are insulated, you will need to somehow regain access to the conductor to be able to cut off the existing connection pins.
OR, just remove the non-crimped on portion of the connector pins and crimp the rest into your connector.
OR contact the manufacturer and ask them.