pressure sensor

  1. levi_ackerman

    Search for UART sensors

    I’m developing a Modbus RTU architecture. The master of this architecture is my Beagebone Black , which I want to connect via RS-485 serial communication to my sensors. Since I’m using RS-485 converters (RS-485 Converter) which need a UART input as far as I understand, I was looking for sensors...
  2. Matthias7

    Pressure Sensor for endoscopy

    Hi Do you know some pressure sensors, that can be used in medical application, especially endoscopy? Can You recommend me some, which are commercially available? Regards, Matthias
  3. A

    detect pressure of the arm coming together

    hi I am developing simple circuit where I am trying to detect pressure when arms coming together when hand bended. the device will be placed near the L bow of hand and when user bend the arm, the device measure the pressure and beep if pressure is higher than set limit. I know micro controller...
  4. Spaken

    Constant current source for piezoresistive sensor

    Hello. I am trying to make a pressure sensor using a CS040 sensor. The manufacturer sent me a complicated constant current circuit to power the sensor, but I wonder if there is a simpler way to power it. The sensor is piezoresistive. It outputs a voltage that varies with the pressure applied...
  5. T

    Pressure sensor in flowmeter is accurate but not consistent

    Hi All, I have a ultra low differential pressure sensor in a flow meter configuration(Venturi meter). Through help from the members...
  6. T

    Differential Pressure Sensor zero error constantly moving

    Hi All, not sure if this should be in the test or the sensor section, apologies if I have mistakenly placed it here. I am currently trying to calibrate this Pressure Sensor (...
  7. snake0012

    Pressure sensor

    Hi guys I need your help to making work the pressure sensor MPS20N0040D (module with hx7110) , I uploaded the sketch , but I can't get a right graphic , it's seems to be not fonctional !!! It's the same graphe with & without the module connected To the arduino !!! Please help Best regards