sensor development

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    Sensor Thermistor design

    Hello guys. I'm using an efr32bg22 Bluetooth module and would like to read a thermistor with it! I've never used a thermistor. Reading a little about the subject, it seems a little complicated to me. There are some formulas for obtaining a conversion but apparently the best way is to use a...
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    Laser sensor for measuring velocity of very fast moving projectile

    I am looking for laser sensor to measure velocity of fast moving bullet/projectile traveling through barrel. I have a bullet of 5mm length and it would cut the laser for just 5- 20 microseconds. The sensor need to be fast enough to give trigger to oscilloscope with this kind of small intervals...
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    Instrumental amplifier INA128 muscle sensor designing

    Hi, I am working on INA128 instrumental amplifiers for taking the signal from forearm muscle. I am operating on 5v single power supply to power up the INA128. I am dividing these 5v into two voltages with respect to 2.5 reference voltage(5v to 2.5v and 2.5v to 0v). The maximum rail is 5v and...