1. Samantha Groves

    LCD display low level programing

    Im looking for a LCD display which is programed bitwise for example a 256x256 display will have 9 bits for x position and 9 bits for y position as well as power and any serial communication pins so 20-25 pins.Thanks!Also to be available in EU
  2. babysettlers

    Troubleshooting for mod-60 counter with start/stop and reset functions

    I am given a school project where i have to design a mod 60 counter with start/stop and reset functions on a digital trainer breadboard circuit using two 4-bit binary counter IC chips (74LS93). I am also able to use other basic logic gates such as NAND, NOT, AND and OR gates to construct my...
  3. S

    Fiber Optic HArdware question

    Hello, I am writing to ask a weird question about fiber optic equipment. Is JT-COM SFP hardware safe to use or would I have to worry since it is a company in China who makes and distributes it? Has anyone tried to use that brand or can someone point me to a budget friendly brand? Thanks Sigma
  4. norova

    LM324 Comaprator with leds, slow glow effect

    Hello!, I've made a custom pcb using comaprator circuit LM324. The purpose with this circuit is to create a led-bar 1-10 with leds ... The issue is that when the leds shifts from one level to another, it has a tendence to flicker, becuase of the digital on/off from the comparators. What I...
  5. S

    Parallel RC Circuit in Feedback Reading Line

    Hi, I'm reviewing an Evalboard datasheet and a parallel rc circuit is used in the feedback line, which I can't understand why, what is the purpose of this structure, whose image I have added below? Datasheet Link: https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/KT33810UG1.pdf (Page 18)
  6. L

    Microphone to microcontroller

    Hi, Im looking for microphone to microcontroller. It is important that the microphone should have automatic gain. Im looking for microphone similar to https://wiki.dfrobot.com/Gravity__Analog_Sound_Level_Meter_SKU_SEN0232#target_5 but more cheaper. I found only max9814 and sen-12642 but that...
  7. K

    How do I connect multiple 8255s to an 8085?

    Hi, I am ok on connecting one 8255 i/o chip to an 8085 mpu with an 74138 3 to 8 decoder chip but I am fuzzy on how to connect multiple 8255s? Can somebody please enlighten me, thanks?
  8. N

    Street light circuit

    Hello Everyone, I am designing a circuit that operates on pressure sensors to turn lights from red to green, green to yellow, and yellow back to red. I am implementing 2 of the 4 sides of an intersection due to redundancies. How would I design a circuit with 2 inputs and 2 outputs? My plan is...
  9. U

    Implementing IoT RS485 to LoraWAN converter to a digital electric voltage/current/power meter

    Hello, I am a student at Escuela de Ingeniería de Gipuzkoa, and I am currently working on a project. The main goal is to estimate the electric consumption of a double-flux mechanical ventilation system (its motor), to do so, we are using an electric curent meter (SDM120M) and a RS485 to LoraWAN...
  10. Surfer1

    power consumption esp8266 diagram

    hi everyone, I'm interested to know what software or hardware you can build such graphs for consumption, bootloading or starting the firmware, performing any operations, and power consumption for esp8266, I have seen several diagrams like this on the internet. and they are designed all...
  11. V

    facing dificulty for choosing the ic pinouts.

    hello guys, I think I might be asking a very basic question but by seeing the SMD Ic which I have got are having a dual notch and I am a bit confused with choosing it. can someone suggest to me the proper side of the notch? and which pin is to be considered as the 1 or Start? presently I am...
  12. D

    Enable DCDC with PowerGood

    Hi!! I'm working with a BuckRegulatro from Vicor, PI3423-00-LGIZ . And I want to use the PowerGood signal to disable another DCDC ( with an ON(3.3V) or OFF(GND) signal). The question is that the PowerGood of the PI3423 is HighImpedance (operating and no stable) or Voltage output (when the...
  13. DZ92

    Impact force measuring sensor

    Hi all! I dont know much about sensors or hardware in general (Im a computer science student) so I would really appreciate some help here :) I am looking for a flexible impact force sensor (for measuring a punch) , it needs to be around 10X10 cm and I want to connect it to Arduino or raspberry...
  14. H

    Non Inverting Summing Amplifier Design

    Dear Team, I need to design a summing amplifier with 2 inputs. My input one is a DC voltage source of value 1.6V and the second one is a square wave whose amplitude is 5V and max frequency is 1Mhz. The requirement is when the square wave is LOW(0V) the summer output should be 1.6V and when...
  15. H

    ADC throughput calculation

    Dear Team, I was studying about adc basics from this document(ADC BASICS) .I have a question regarding the throughput calculation.The document says "Consider the case of single ended conversion where one conversion takes 13 ADC clock cycles.Assuming the ADC clock frequency to be 1MHz, then...
  16. H

    PCB return currents at low frequency and High Frequency

    Dear Team, I am new to pcb design.I the PCB learning material I found that for Low Frequency Return Currents Take Path of Least Resistance and High Frequency Return Currents Take Path of Least Inductance --Could you please tell me why and how it is happening , Regards HARI
  17. H

    LM7171 Non Inverting Amp Output Glitching

    Dear Team, I am designing a clock distribution network using LM7171. This opamp is used in the non-inverting configuration with a gain of 2. My input clock frequency is 2.4Mhz, Amplitude is 3.6V.I can see glitching at the output. May I know where I went wrong?Please find the circuit diagram...
  18. T

    High precision 1mAmp current source

    Hello, I am looking for a 1 mAmp DC current source circuit design with 0.02% precision to be used in a 5V power supply circuit board and a 3KOhms load. Any suggestion/direction would be helpfull. Thank you all.
  19. T

    Diode usage in SPI modules

    Hi All, Hoping that someone can put me out of my misery. I have been searching the internet for the past 5days for an answer to this question and feel like I am starting to lose my mind. Can anyone explain why the attached schematic has a 1N4148 on each of the SDI_5V, SCLK_5V and CS_5V lines...
  20. J

    Type of this electronic Object / device

    Hi guys, Im fixing my communication board called : CENTRAL LIGHTSYS RP432M00000E and I found this device (see in the photo) is unattached /disconnected .. what type of this device? it sounds like capacitor but there's no symbol for if it's capacitor or whatever .. (there's nothing written on...