power consumption esp8266 diagram

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hi everyone,
I'm interested to know what software or hardware you can build such graphs for consumption,
bootloading or starting the firmware,
performing any operations, and power consumption for esp8266,
I have seen several diagrams like this on the internet. and they are designed all differently.
Is it possible to plot a graph using a logic analyzer, or is only an oscilloscope suitable for this?
Thank you.



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A computer with an analog to digital converter can do it. I have done this with a data logger but with a very slow sampling rate.


There are probably specialized instruments for catching the kind of faster waveforms you show.


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Come to think about it, I worked at a power supply company for about a year, a very small low-budget start-up. To take measurements like those you show, under the advice of my more experienced boss, I would sit in a dimly lit room with an old Tektronix scope, have the scope in one-shot mode and start the circuit over and over again while starting at the screen.

With today's inexpensive digital scopes it would be much easier to see what's going on at turn-on, and with the ability to save the shot to a memory stick or fetch it over USB you would have a picture to past in your notebook or email, etc.