power consumption

  1. iamavameadows

    Energy Consumption

    I have a fan with three different speeds. On the bottom it says that it uses 43 watts. Does this value go to the slowest speed or does it always use the same amount of electricity.
  2. nightcrawler218

    Which power supply to use for Raspberry Pi?

    As far as the official specifications are concerned an rPi can be powered with supplies from 5V to 12 V. Typical current for 5V supply is 2A. Total power required for an rPi is 10W roughly. I have two power supplies (5V, 2A) and (10V, 1A) which one to be used so that the pi dissipates less...
  3. Dan Aronin

    Darlington transistor POWER AMPLIFYING

    Hi all, I just couldn't find the answer on web so I had to ask you guys. Based on my understanding, input power is ideally equal to the output power of a circuit unless it is dissipated to heat. So I was looking at the ULN2003 Darlington controlling a 28byj-48 stepper motor using an Arduino...
  4. Theo_KVA

    Electrical switch for a non-chemical battery - How to do it?

    Hi everyone, I’m seeking guidance. I have a tricky situation which I don’t really know how to get out of. I want to design a system which would consume the least amount of power possible. The idea is to have an ESP8266 do a simple task every minute (updating a e-paper display) and sleep the...