1. Swaysceptile

    ExpressSCH Netlist Error Regarding NetNames

    Hi, I am having a hard time figuring out how to fix this warning. It says that that symbol '0v' is connected to a net with two different NetNames. It refers to the other symbol located on the upper right which is 'Vpp'. It tells me that I need to change the name or remove the symbol at all. I...
  2. Surfer1

    power consumption esp8266 diagram

    hi everyone, I'm interested to know what software or hardware you can build such graphs for consumption, bootloading or starting the firmware, performing any operations, and power consumption for esp8266, I have seen several diagrams like this on the internet. and they are designed all...
  3. Adamelli

    How to open ECAD model in SOLIDWORKS?

    I do not have SolidWorks Electrical. From searching, it seems I need to somehow access or download CircuitWorks Lite or SolidWorks IDF Modeler. Although, I cannot find a way to do either from the company's website. Is this no longer available? Is there a different way to open an ECAD model in...
  4. Luiz Fernando Vieira

    CST radiation diagram

    Hello everyone. I have questions analyzing the diagram in the CST software. The 3 blue line we have the directivity, ok? In the circumference of red color we have the shape of the magnetic field (its formation), ok? Does the green circle represent the gain (S11)? Click here Figure