1. Theo_KVA

    Electrical switch for a non-chemical battery - How to do it?

    Hi everyone, I’m seeking guidance. I have a tricky situation which I don’t really know how to get out of. I want to design a system which would consume the least amount of power possible. The idea is to have an ESP8266 do a simple task every minute (updating a e-paper display) and sleep the...
  2. S

    ESP8266 Switch toggle on Web Page & Status of Diod & Tact switch

    Hello, I'm in the process of programming interesting project using Nodemu + ESP8266 (WiFi module). Microcontroler create own web page and there is a switch toggle (slider) which you can turn on and turn off LED diod. Now I can turn ON and turn OFF led diod by switch toggle(slider) in web page...
  3. N

    From AC cheapest way to powerup electronics like our esp

    what else? Ways to Power a Project Here are some of the most common methods used for powering a project: USB Power Variable DC Benchtop Power Supply AC to DC Wall Adapter (like a computer or laptop would use) Batteries
  4. S

    Stm32 control esp8266

    When I use STM32f103 to control the esp8266 WIFi module to send data to the network debugging assistant, the wifi is in the transparent transmission mode under the sta, and can send data to the network assistant, but it can't send 0x00. What is the reason?