Insulation for RG401 with Copper Shield when used a Power cable

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Hey everyone!

I am Nio. I am currently working on building a cable that is used at high power application (1.5kW). The connectors I used at the terminals are N type and HN type connectors so I had to use a RG401 cable. I bought one of Multicomp Pro make. The cable has internal conductor covered by a PTFE layer for insulation followed by a Copper layer as the outermost body.

I would like to know if I can leave the outer copper covering exposed if I connected the outer body to a ground line or should I go for any insulation? If so can someone also suggest what material can be used as an insulating material for the high power application?




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At what frequency are you using this cable ? Please be aware that the power rating for RG401 is 1.4kW at 1 GHz. I got this value from Pasternack website, but other like FairviewMicrowave have the same value, there you can see it decreases further with higher frequency.
My recommendation is not to use any insulation, because the 1500 Watt heat up the cable and the heat can only dissipated through the shield. Blocking the heat flow through insulation may affect the power rating.


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In addition to the cable power handling ability, the power loss for tha application needs to be considered.
ALSO, the current handling capability, as well as the voltage maximum, for the type "N" connectors must be observed. Also, strain relief at the connectors is vital.