high voltage

  1. D

    alternative Inductor for Evaluation boards kit DC2781A (using LT8316 )

    Hi, I want to build the DC2781A evaluation board by Analog Devices. Most of the passive parts I already have, so the building cost would be much cheaper for me. However, I wasn't able to find a distributor that sells the inductor of this schematic: RPT129NP-102MB by Sumida. Therefore, I'm...
  2. H

    Higher frequency

    Hi How can i get high voltage high frequency power supply. I have zvs drive with flyback transformer. The maximum what I'm getting is 50kv and 21kHz , im fine with voltage ,but the frequency not too much i need in mega hertz. Any help. Thanks
  3. G

    How do I find the uncertainty in a timestep for an oscilloscope

    I am trying to calculate the energy delivered by a short electrical pulse. I am using an oscilloscope to capture the waveform and then exporting it to a CSV file. My scope took measurements at a rate of once every 8 microseconds which means that each time time value could potentially vary by...
  4. MarcusFunt

    High voltage PSU Mosfet choice

    Hi! I am building a device for a national competition ("Unge forskere") That should be able to sterilize hands with nothing but electricity. For this project, I need a High-Voltage power supply, capable of delivering 12(or so)kV at 30-100khz. Therefore my head automatically went to the very...
  5. ashokraj

    when to keep solder mask open ?

    Hi, Usually most of the PCBs have solder masks but recently i have seen a PCB with only few tracks(high voltage/current) with solder mask open. when do I have to keep the solder mask open for traces?
  6. P

    draw the dc output voltage in a graetz circuit

    Draw the dc output voltage and voltage across T3 in a Graetz Circuit when firing angle is 45 degree and u=30 degree.
  7. R

    Flyback transformer's driver's mosfet wires heating up

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to create a high voltage power supply with a flyback transformer, IRFZ44N and a 220 Ohm resistor. (200 ohm in the diagram should be 220 Ohm ) Here's my schematic. My problem is that the wires connected to drain and source of the mosfet becomes burning hot and melt the...
  8. O

    Motor control 180VDC 2HP, 9.6 AMP. Currently 1 part is being burned up. If anyone has any ideas I would be so thankful.

    For reference, I have included the full schematic as an attachment and the board layout for reference. The general theory of operation: I have a Rasberry pi to act as a UI and the pi is connected to an Arduino via USB serial connector. The Ardunio sits on the board as a hat and this works...
  9. genekuli

    help, why does my 20kV diode keep burning up

    input is 15kV 15ma (as is on attached picture) going into capacitor bank diode is a Single Phase high-voltage diode rectifier silicon reactor Model: PRHVP 2A-20 (HVP 20 HVP2A-20) 2A20KV Size: 18 x 19 x 75mm (Height * Width * Length ) Operating Temperature: -40 ° C ~ + 175 ° C
  10. A

    Using a HVGEN10AC v3.1 to drive my Voltage Multiplier

    Hello, I recently bought myself a HVGEN10AC v3.1 to drive my Cockroft-Walton Voltage Multiplier. At 24V input it can produce 10kVpp. I want to connect it to my multiplier but the transformer only has 1 HV-Output and the Voltage Multiplier needs 2. As you've probably already noticed I'm very new...
  11. VT91

    Ionizer to collect mushroom spores.

    Hello. I have the opportunity to experiment with various permaculture systems. Recently, I started growing Shiitake mushrooms on the small scale. Since contamination is a challenge for mushroom farmers, I started thinking if there is a way to pull spores and other contaminants out of the air...