high voltage

  1. Ghostek

    Will this hand made transformer work?

    i made a hand made transformer and wanted to ask the forum how and with what should I power it. And will it even work.
  2. I

    Reverse engineering electric arc lighter

    Hi, I purchased a couple of the ubiquitous "electric arc lighter" devices off of Amazon because I was curious how the designers were able to pack a 3.7v to many kV step-up circuit in a package the size of a ballpoint pen. I tested out the device and indeed it is able to make a ~4 mm sustained...
  3. N

    Insulation for RG401 with Copper Shield when used a Power cable

    Hey everyone! I am Nio. I am currently working on building a cable that is used at high power application (1.5kW). The connectors I used at the terminals are N type and HN type connectors so I had to use a RG401 cable. I bought one of Multicomp Pro make. The cable has internal conductor covered...
  4. C

    Resonant PLL Circuit

    HELP!!! so, the thing is that i have been trying to build a resonant high frecuency circuit to control a variable capacitor, this capacitor can support high voltage and high frecuency but its variable due to the electrolite it contains.. so I have been tryin to desing it and have come with a...
  5. I

    High voltage power supply design with off the shelf components?

    Hi, I have been reading a lot about flyback driver circuits for generating high voltages. Tutorials on Youtube are a dime a dozen describing minimalist circuits to drive automotive ignition coils and similar. However these tutorials rarely describe the underlying design theory and considerations...
  6. I

    How to protect low voltage components from very high voltage pulses?

    Hi, I have a high voltage electric livestock fence that runs from my house to a barn about 1/2 mile away. I want to build a communication device that makes use of this existing wired connection to transmit a low voltage signal (ideally ~12 volts) along the wire with ground return to complete the...
  7. Younes Thabet

    Is it good idea to resistor divide a 1kV voltage ?

    Hello all, I need to run a 12V/0.6A dc fan to cool the MOSFETs of an inverter with 1kV input. it would be overkill to use some power supply to step down the 1kV to 12V or any DCtoDC converter!.. I thought of using just a resistor divider to step down the voltage to an acceptable range to use a...
  8. D

    alternative Inductor for Evaluation boards kit DC2781A (using LT8316 )

    Hi, I want to build the DC2781A evaluation board by Analog Devices. Most of the passive parts I already have, so the building cost would be much cheaper for me. However, I wasn't able to find a distributor that sells the inductor of this schematic: RPT129NP-102MB by Sumida. Therefore, I'm...
  9. H

    Higher frequency

    Hi How can i get high voltage high frequency power supply. I have zvs drive with flyback transformer. The maximum what I'm getting is 50kv and 21kHz , im fine with voltage ,but the frequency not too much i need in mega hertz. Any help. Thanks
  10. G

    How do I find the uncertainty in a timestep for an oscilloscope

    I am trying to calculate the energy delivered by a short electrical pulse. I am using an oscilloscope to capture the waveform and then exporting it to a CSV file. My scope took measurements at a rate of once every 8 microseconds which means that each time time value could potentially vary by...
  11. MarcusFunt

    High voltage PSU Mosfet choice

    Hi! I am building a device for a national competition ("Unge forskere") That should be able to sterilize hands with nothing but electricity. For this project, I need a High-Voltage power supply, capable of delivering 12(or so)kV at 30-100khz. Therefore my head automatically went to the very...
  12. ashokraj

    when to keep solder mask open ?

    Hi, Usually most of the PCBs have solder masks but recently i have seen a PCB with only few tracks(high voltage/current) with solder mask open. when do I have to keep the solder mask open for traces?
  13. P

    draw the dc output voltage in a graetz circuit

    Draw the dc output voltage and voltage across T3 in a Graetz Circuit when firing angle is 45 degree and u=30 degree.
  14. R

    Flyback transformer's driver's mosfet wires heating up

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to create a high voltage power supply with a flyback transformer, IRFZ44N and a 220 Ohm resistor. (200 ohm in the diagram should be 220 Ohm ) Here's my schematic. My problem is that the wires connected to drain and source of the mosfet becomes burning hot and melt the...
  15. O

    Motor control 180VDC 2HP, 9.6 AMP. Currently 1 part is being burned up. If anyone has any ideas I would be so thankful.

    For reference, I have included the full schematic as an attachment and the board layout for reference. The general theory of operation: I have a Rasberry pi to act as a UI and the pi is connected to an Arduino via USB serial connector. The Ardunio sits on the board as a hat and this works...
  16. genekuli

    help, why does my 20kV diode keep burning up

    input is 15kV 15ma (as is on attached picture) going into capacitor bank diode is a Single Phase high-voltage diode rectifier silicon reactor Model: PRHVP 2A-20 (HVP 20 HVP2A-20) 2A20KV Size: 18 x 19 x 75mm (Height * Width * Length ) Operating Temperature: -40 ° C ~ + 175 ° C
  17. A

    Using a HVGEN10AC v3.1 to drive my Voltage Multiplier

    Hello, I recently bought myself a HVGEN10AC v3.1 to drive my Cockroft-Walton Voltage Multiplier. At 24V input it can produce 10kVpp. I want to connect it to my multiplier but the transformer only has 1 HV-Output and the Voltage Multiplier needs 2. As you've probably already noticed I'm very new...
  18. VT91

    Ionizer to collect mushroom spores.

    Hello. I have the opportunity to experiment with various permaculture systems. Recently, I started growing Shiitake mushrooms on the small scale. Since contamination is a challenge for mushroom farmers, I started thinking if there is a way to pull spores and other contaminants out of the air...