alternative Inductor for Evaluation boards kit DC2781A (using LT8316 )

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I want to build the DC2781A evaluation board by Analog Devices. Most of the passive parts I already have, so the building cost would be much cheaper for me. However, I wasn't able to find a distributor that sells the inductor of this schematic: RPT129NP-102MB by Sumida. Therefore, I'm looking for an alternative inductor from another manufacturer. My problem is that while the DC2781A provides the part number and the induction, there are more parameters that need to be matched. I lack knowledge in the field of inductors and find it difficult to compare the RPT129NP-102MB and another manufacturer's datasheets.

Given that the package type and size aren't my main concern, as I already plan to make some adjustments to the PCB layout, can you please help me find the correct alternative?

This series by Wurth looks promising, but I'm not sure which one to choose: Also, I'm open to hearing about other manufacturers as well.

Thank you