dc-dc converters

  1. flaviotmz5

    Gate driver for two switch forward converter

    I'm trying to understand how to drive the MOSFET's in the two-switch forward, I designed a 200W DC-DC converter, 50V input 100V output but I was looking for using an MCU and IC in this case I have an IR2110 high side low side for the gate drive, I don't know if it is possible to use it? and if...
  2. M

    DC-DC Current Limiting

    Hello, I'm looking to design a stupid simple DC-DC converter with two goals only: Current regulation to no more than 90 amps Lowest possible cost (total cost sub $50) Can it be done? The power supply is a Prius. The Prius Gen 2 DC-DC converter (used instead of an alternator to charge the...
  3. F

    Best DC-DC Converter Topology

    Hi, I'm looking for a DC-DC converter topology with the following characteristics: Input Voltage Range 2.7-5V Output Voltage: 12V Output Power: 1kW It is not of primary importance the isolation. Do you have any suggestions about the most suitable DC-DC converter topology (high power and high...
  4. P

    13.6 V to 3.7v/5v DC-DC Step Down to run ESP8266

    I have a garage door wall button which has 13.6v across. This is the typical wall button most of us have in the our homes to open and close the garage from inside the house. I want to replace the wall button and connect a ESP8266 IoT chip to control from smart phone and this chip only need...
  5. M

    Battery charger and MPPT controller

    I am working on a project where i have to charge a battery from a PV panel source. I have a boost cascaded by a buck converter for my system. The boost converter for P&O MPPT and the buck for the 3 stage battery charging algorithm. So now I am looking to implement the control. So on a...