Convert triangle wave to sine wave.

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Hi readers, the IN node has triangular wave converted from square wave pulse. This Op-Amp acts as integrator. However, when I attach the same integrator circuit to convert this triangular wave (IN) to sine wave, the Output (OUT) I got is still quite triangular and not quite a good sine wave.

Question: How to I get sine wave at OUT ? I have attach my LT spice file below. Thank you for reading :)


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I filled-in the TRAN command (100ms, 98ms and 10ms) to see the waveforms.
R6 was missing and its 100 value was way too low, I made it 16k.
I added 2nF integration capacitors parallel with R2 and R5 then the simple 2nd-order filter removed most of the harmonics, but it reduced the level.