1. J

    Understanding noise RMS and picking an appropriate current source for Hall probes

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to define the most suitable current source for my application. Essentially, I need a high stability current source to feed Hall probes sensors. The probes' nominal current is 10 mA. A stability of 100 ppm (i.e., 1 uA) for short term (a few hours) is desired. Usually, I...
  2. D

    Inductor current

    An inductor of 10H has 1omh internal resistance. What is the current through the inductor after 10V is applied for 1 second?
  3. A

    Current dependant load switch, cant solve it passively?

    Hey there, i couldn’t fall asleep trying to solve following scenario: i have two power supplies running 24vdc in parallel, a main and one supplemental power supply. Both are being filtered with capacitors before supplying a single load. Now if one wants to run it, such that the supplemental...
  4. N

    Very new to this. If I were to make a DC Motor shaft with cogs and gears circuit, how would I know the required ampage of my power unit?

    Very new to this so bare with. If I were to make a DC Motor shaft with cogs and gears circuit, how would I know the required ampage of my power unit (im thinking, battery AA holder). And are there any pre cautions I should take to prevent damage or potential fire hazard? I roughly know about...
  5. Andrew Rudd

    wiring an arducam with the power line on a transistor

    I've set up an arducam mini 2MP plus with a nrf52DK (similar to an arduino for this set up) to take pictures. Ive got the board and camera working when the camera is wired with the VCC line and GND wired directly into the boards 3.3v line and ground pins. The arducam uses about 100 mAmps when...
  6. P

    Inductive Power charge simulation current control

    Hello everyone, I am writing to ask about how can I control de currents in my inductive charger more specifically the current in the resonant tank I designed. My goal is to design an inductive wireless charger that uses a resonant tank to maximize the efficiency of the process. I am going to...
  7. Lambo Av

    Voltage Magnitude, Phases, Current for Bus (Load Flow)

    Say there are 3 buses of: Bus 1: Slack bus with a voltage source of E=1.0 and phase of 0° Bus 2: a generator and a load. Bus 3: a load. The line impedance are given below: z12 = 0.05 + j0.1 z13 = 0.02 + j0.05 z23 = j0.05 z11 = -j100 z22 = infinity z33 = -j40 The generators and loads are given...
  8. M

    How to calculate the current of a circuit if a resistor is placed with load in series?

    Assume we provide a load with its rated voltage, suppose it should draw the current it need at such voltage level. However, what if we place an additional resistor in series with the load, can the load still draw the same current as it needed?
  9. J

    Basic Question NMOS Gate Leakage

    Hello, I'm not quite sure about the specification of Gate-to-Source Forward Leakage (I_gss) given in many datasheets of MOS-FETs. I researched its definition and it seems to be the leakage current (for specific gate-source voltage), that flows from gate to source, while drain and source are...
  10. Electronic_Maniac

    Questions regarding Function Generator - AFG3000C

    I am having this new Function generator - AFG3000C I am having difficulty in understanding certain terms related to this FG. I have tried online searches, but I couldn't get what I was looking for. Being a newbie, I request you all to help me understand my queries in simple terms. Could you...
  11. eliasklk_04


    Good night. I bought this flashlight for my bike: https://www.ebay.es/itm/Luces-Bicicleta-Luz-10000LM-Impermeable-3XT6-LED/292872854958?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 But the light that comes out seems very little to me. I think it has more potential. Could I modify...
  12. M

    Max fan current from MB in Samsung TV

    Hi, I need to replace the fan in a Samsung TV but not sure about max amperage on the MB fan port. The original one is 12v and 70mA but I can't find a like for like fan. Need to improvise. I have a few candidates with similar mount and CFM and on 12v but at 100mA or more. The MB is BN40-0012A...
  13. A

    current measurement over time

    I have a RC servo towerPro sg90 connected to Arduino, to measure the current I have put 1 ohm shunt resistor between servo GND and power ground. Then I did a analogRead on the resistor, when servo sweep between 0 -180. I am getting following values out of my analogRead. So in total I have 180...
  14. R

    Slayer Exciter using darlington pair

    Hi guys, this is my first post here. I hope I'm in the right section. I've made a slayer exciter with a 22kohm resistor, a 2n2222 transistor, using a 9v battery. My secondary is 0.25 mm and 10 cm in lenght. My primary is 4 turns. I wanted to obtain some sparks, and I added a 47k instead of 22k...
  15. C

    Theoretical values for ”natural frequency”, currents and voltage at electrical resonance.

    I am supposed to calculate the theoretical values for ”natural frequency”, currents and voltages at electrical resonance for this circuit. I should use the measured values for the resistance and the inductance of the coil. Also the measured value of the capacitance to the capacitor. The...
  16. C

    BLDC motor torque control using current measurement

    I would like to control 18V BLDC motor of battery powered drill. What I want to do remake the drill to nut runner (torque wrench), so I need to sense a motor current which is proportional to motor torque. My controller will include microcontroller. Here are some questions: How battery voltage...
  17. S

    Phase and Gain of transimpedence amplifier and effect of input impedance

    Hello, I am new to hardware design. I am designing measurement circuit for Impedance Spectroscopy of electrochemistry cell. I need to measure the current coming from electrodes which have range from few milliamperes to few nanoamperes. as literature suggested, the equivalent circuit for...
  18. O

    Old Dental Micro motor power supply problem

    Hi! I have a very old Kavo Brand German made micro motor (probably made around 1970s-80s). It it a very well built tool but the power supply is suffering from some problem. When the brushed motor hand piece is connected and powered on, it will spin but in constant pulses (maybe 1 second on, 1...
  19. Tamás Fegyvári

    BLDC DC Bus current waveform?

    Hi! I would need some clarification with a BLDC DC bus current.(Marked With IL on the picture) The motor is a BLDC with trapezoidal commutation and 20kHz PWM. I beleive that current is the 20 kHz PWM with an amplitude of the maximum current of the motor. Is it right or I misunderstood...