Amplify tiny voltages accurately

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Hi all, above is a Schering's Bridge as a capacitance meter. Following the equation below, Rx resistor is fixed, whereas for capacitor Cx can be placed with an unknown value capacitor. R1 will be adjusted until voltage across R4 will be 0. The problem is that the voltage fluctuation across R4 when measuring capacitance value of is in maybe 10mV (0.01V) sensitivity and I am unsure if non-inverting op-amp amplifier can have a 0.01V sensitivity for its voltage input? So to sum it up, is there a good way that we can amplify tiny voltages (0.01V) accurately using any other method besides op amp? Video taken from here.

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Tiny? 10mV? - that's huge. Any reasonably good op-amp will do.
90μV from a moving coil cartridge - that's more like tiny.