1. selva97

    How we select LC filter for MAX3221?

    I have seen a schematic where they used MAX3221, RS232 Driver and Receiver. There they have used LC filter of inductor value 0.68uH and capacitor value of 680pF, but in datasheet they have not mentioned about frequency. Can anyone explain how they selected this value?
  2. T

    why in this article baud rate is considered as bit period or bit rate?

    I have read this article where I want to save a small question that made questionned my understanding: 1-first question: in this article baude rate/bit period, how can he takes the bit period as the baud rate. in my understanding, bit rate=(1/bit period) = baude rate* number of bits in 1 baud...
  3. R

    Using PureThermal 2 with Lepton 2.5 over UART (Beginner Question)

    Hello all! I'm trying to get collect thermal images over this device using a FLIR Lepton 2.5: https://groupgets.com/manufacturers/getlab/products/purethermal-2-flir-lepton-smart-i-o-module Specifically, I would like to collect data from the FLIR over the UART pins (Side note: I can collect...
  4. Leonard Lim

    Interfacing 433MHz RF Module with PIC16F688

    I am trying to interface the RF module which comes with Transmitter (FS1000A) and Receiver (MX-RM-5V) in pairs and interfacing with 2 sets of the circuit consists of 2 PIC16F688. After sourcing the internet, it seems like it can be interfaced either digital I/O or UART but I'm not sure about...
  5. Macoleco

    How to configure a chip using UART-USB?

    Hi, I am using a USB-UART device (more specifically the Foca v2.2, FT232RT) to configure a Thorlabs chip (MTD415TE temperature controller), but I have no idea how do it. The chip's datasheet says to use commands such as "m?" to "Reads the version of hardware and software", or "Wx" to "Sets the...