1. TommasoB

    ESP32 based Custom Flight Controller - Drones

    Hello, My name is Tommaso Bugliesi and I am a mechanical engineer currently engaged in the development of an open-source flight controller centered around the ESP32 chip. While this project is ambitious, I find myself encountering challenges in the realm of PCB design—an area where my expertise...
  2. D

    Pull up Resistors Rx, Tx on MCU

    Hi, I want to add to design LED indication for Rx, Tx over pull up resistors, please refer picture for more detail. I do not know is this good idea or is better to add two dedicated outputs on MCU only for RX, Tx LED management. Please share pros and coins for solution on picture. Thanks.
  3. T


    Hello guys, Im working on a project. I did a keyboard on my nextion screen. When Im pressing a character on the keyboard, nextion writing them on a text bar. Example: User pressing ----> 'A' , 'B' , 'C', ' ', 'D' , 'E' , 'F' (Like sending name, surname) Text Bar Looking -> ABC DEF (Like...
  4. levi_ackerman

    Search for UART sensors

    I’m developing a Modbus RTU architecture. The master of this architecture is my Beagebone Black , which I want to connect via RS-485 serial communication to my sensors. Since I’m using RS-485 converters (RS-485 Converter) which need a UART input as far as I understand, I was looking for sensors...
  5. G


    I decided I would try my hand at programming an ESP32 using CLion instead of the Arduino IDE, so this project is running in the ESP IDF (toolchain?) and C language. I couldn't find the file for setting the settings, so all pins and settings are default - it would fill out the whole post if I...
  6. -live wire-

    Help talking to uart bus servos in 6 axis robotic arm

    So I am designing and building a 6 axis robotic arm and I really need help finding the right library and communication method to talk to the bus servos I have installed. This is the product page and this is the google drive with the documentation that the manufacturer provided. I also put an...
  7. A

    FT232RL Chip is not working (USB to TTL)

    First of all this is an urgent question my project's deadline is coming closer. Please help me I used FT232RL chip to make USB to TTL converter. I did this connection below. I can make serial communication but I cannot receive any message. I can also send message and TX Led is lightining up.
  8. M

    STM32: can we use LPUART1 and USART1 simultaneously

    Hey I am new to STM32, I am using CMWX1ZZABZ_LoRa_Module. Can someone tell me if I can use LPUART1 and USART1 simultaneously? Are they Independent?
  9. -live wire-

    Please help with Serial Bus Servos!

    Hi everyone, I'm confused how to connect and control these motors https://www.hiwonder.hk/products/hiwonder-lx-225-serial-bus-servo-25kg-high-torque-data-feedback Where do I find the pinout and where can I find some sample arduino code for controlling them? I think it said something about...
  10. Bruno Malbusca

    ESP-WROOM-02 is not responding to AT commands as expected

    I using the ESP-WROOM-02 (esp8266 core) as WIFI module and the samd21g18 as main processing unit. To test, I´m using the ESP-WROOM-02 DEV board kitc and an Arduino nano IOT which has also a samd21g18 MCU. I flashed the ESP-WROOM-02 via the ESP flash download tool with the [AT Firmware...
  11. T

    Is there a TTL-to-RS232 Level Shifter that allows me to select the output either TTL or RS232

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a TTL-to-selectable-TTL-or-RS232 level converter IC. Essentially, my host outputs UART TTL, but the UART client can expect either TTL or RS-232. I cannot find a TTL-to-RS232 level shifter that has an enable pin allowing me to select the output is TTL or RS232...
  12. A

    Issues with PIC16F1503

    I am using PIC16F1503 for my automotive application. I want to understand few things:- 1)I have gone through through the schematic present in the "https://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/50002295A.pdf". In this, PIC 16F1503 is not having external oscillator. I want to know if it is...
  13. Mousivandhossein

    UART RS485 Problem

    Hi, I want to make a circuit to collect the temperature of some locations in a control panel. I have a control panel that is connected to several microcontroller circuits. Each microcontroller circuit measures its ambient temperature. the control panel sends a number from 1 to 20 for example...
  14. selva97

    How we select LC filter for MAX3221?

    I have seen a schematic where they used MAX3221, RS232 Driver and Receiver. There they have used LC filter of inductor value 0.68uH and capacitor value of 680pF, but in datasheet they have not mentioned about frequency. Can anyone explain how they selected this value?
  15. T

    why in this article baud rate is considered as bit period or bit rate?

    I have read this article where I want to save a small question that made questionned my understanding: 1-first question: in this article baude rate/bit period, how can he takes the bit period as the baud rate. in my understanding, bit rate=(1/bit period) = baude rate* number of bits in 1 baud...
  16. R

    Using PureThermal 2 with Lepton 2.5 over UART (Beginner Question)

    Hello all! I'm trying to get collect thermal images over this device using a FLIR Lepton 2.5: https://groupgets.com/manufacturers/getlab/products/purethermal-2-flir-lepton-smart-i-o-module Specifically, I would like to collect data from the FLIR over the UART pins (Side note: I can collect...
  17. Leonard Lim

    Interfacing 433MHz RF Module with PIC16F688

    I am trying to interface the RF module which comes with Transmitter (FS1000A) and Receiver (MX-RM-5V) in pairs and interfacing with 2 sets of the circuit consists of 2 PIC16F688. After sourcing the internet, it seems like it can be interfaced either digital I/O or UART but I'm not sure about...
  18. Macoleco

    How to configure a chip using UART-USB?

    Hi, I am using a USB-UART device (more specifically the Foca v2.2, FT232RT) to configure a Thorlabs chip (MTD415TE temperature controller), but I have no idea how do it. The chip's datasheet says to use commands such as "m?" to "Reads the version of hardware and software", or "Wx" to "Sets the...