Using PureThermal 2 with Lepton 2.5 over UART (Beginner Question)

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Hello all!

I'm trying to get collect thermal images over this device using a FLIR Lepton 2.5:

Specifically, I would like to collect data from the FLIR over the UART pins (Side note: I can collect data and video just fine over the micro-USB port). However, I am fairly new to electronics, and I don't really know how to go about this. I've connected the 5V, RX, TX, and ground on the PureThermal 2 board to 5V, TX, RX, and ground, respectively. The board powers on fine, but I have no idea how to start collecting data. I couldn't find any documentation or example code regarding the UART pins from the hardware developer (via the link above).

The link above will take you to the product page, which provides links to the open source firmware (also pasted here below):

Has anyone used this board before via UART or can anyone provide any guidance? I was hoping to avoid making any firmware changes/expansions, but if I have to, any advice would be greatly appreciated because I've never really done this before.

Thank you in advance!

EDIT 1: After searching through the firmware. There's a project_config.h header file. I uncommented the #define THERMAL_DATA_UART line and flashed the edited firmware onto the board. It seems to have made a difference (the status LED no longer flashes when powered on), and the baudrates match (921600 when not in debug mode). Still not getting any sort of data, though. Maybe my wiring is off?...
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