1. I

    MC-60 Controller Wiring

    Does anybody know the value of C7? It looks as if it blew do to a wiring mix up.
  2. Pantlessnoodle

    Treadmill blowing 13 Amp fuse in plug

    Hi guys, I am trying to narrow down a problem with my Proform 530 zlt treadmill. The device powers on with no issues, all the electronics work as intended with the exception of the motor. As soon as the start button is pressed the motor does try to fire up then the fuse blows. I have tried a...
  3. M

    Treadmill DC motor receiving higher than rated voltage.

    Hello, My treadmill stopped working (i.e. belt no longer moves) with a loud popping sound. When I inspected the motor-controller board I found a damaged 22 ohms resistor that I replaced. Then, I decided to see if the board works fine, so I put the board back and I used my DMM to measure the...
  4. Jay2069x

    Treadmill trips breaker

    I recently got a treadmill from a friend in hopes of fixing it. The treadmill powers up and the motor works, the problem I am running into is that at around 3 to 4 MPH it trips my breaker. I tried plugging it into 3 separate circuits to make sure it wasn't a bad breaker. I tried plugging the...
  5. K

    Alliance (Keys Fitness) Treadmill Motor Controller Help

    Hello! I am looking for any advise you may have on repairing an Alliance (Keys Fitness) treadmill. My mom was running on it last night when it stopped suddenly then started to spark inside the motor cover. She immediately unplugged it and there was a strong burning smell. I removed the...
  6. S

    Need help for Treadmill repair, display console works but motor doesn't run. Issue possibly with JF150 120528 control board.

    Hi everyone I hope you are doing well. My treadmill (model: 2428-V3-SP, Serial: DT2014030001805) is not working, displaying "E2”. Display console powers up & works without any issues. When I start treadmill, after 5 seconds countdown relay clicks but there's no output voltage to the motor (when...
  7. EricTurner

    Need help measuring MPH and Incline from MC-2100 treadmill motor

    Hello everyone, I made a post before on here (I am new) but I think I posted it in the wrong sub-forum and I got no responses. I have a Nordic Track T5.7 with a MC-2100LS-30 motor in it. I have connected an Arduino Uno to the wiring harness that connects the controller to the console like so...
  8. EricTurner

    Reading Speed (MPH) and Incline from MC-2100 powered treadmill

    I recently got a NordicTrack T5.7 treadmill which is powered by a MC2100LS-30. It is an older treadmill that works great, however one of the features of the new treadmills out today allow you to visualize your treadmill run like so: This is amazing to me, but my treadmill is not smart like...
  9. reharik

    Convert 180vdc to 90vdc?

    Hi, I'm trying to to find a dc drive that will power a higher horsepower treadmill motor ~3-4hp. All the drives I've found will be like 1.5hp @ 90vdc/3hp @ 180vdc. But I don't have a 180vdc motor, the motors I'm looking at are all 130vdc. So I'm not sure what to do about that. Is there a...
  10. R

    Treadmill motor controller PCB repair, blown bridge rectifier

    Hello, I see some threads on my exact board in the past, so hope this is ok to post here. I want to learn more about PCB repair and possibly save money repairing my commercial treadmill that I use at home. I design and make solid-state III-V optoelectronic devices for my academic research job...
  11. reharik

    Proper motor controller for treadmill motor

    Hi, I'm pretty new at this. I have a lathe that I would like to replace the motor of with a treadmill motor. The motor I purchased has this description 1.75 HP Continuous Duty @ 90 VDC Amps 15 4200 RPM @ 90 VDC I have read about someone doing the old treadmill motor conversion on a lathe...